10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations

By July 11, 2018Summer, Travel
Summer Vacation

Whether you’re looking for a change in scenery, you’re hoping to get your tan on, or you’re just itching for a new adventure, summer is always a great time for travel.

Beach destinations, cottage getaways, European adventures, and of course, the always-popular weekend road trip, no matter what your schedule, time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a welcomed treat.

Which is why today we wanted to hit you up with the 10 best summer vacation spots that we could find.

So go ahead, book that time off, pack up your suitcase, and get ready for some fun in the sun. We’ve got you covered with these 10 best summer vacation spots:

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand


Image via Hey Lila Hey

Are you really looking to mix things up this summer, and get some cultural flavor into your life? Then we highly recommend checking out Chiang Mai, Thailand.

With beautiful white sand beaches, stunning temples, delicious food, and plenty of adventure, there’s truly something here for everyone. Not to mention, if you do hit up Thailand in the summer, Chiang Mai is the perfect spot because of its cooler temperatures.

Never fear, though, if you love the beach, while the temperatures might be slightly cooler, there’s a good chance you’ll be living in your swimsuit while in Chiang Mai.

2. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape CodImage via Boston Globe

Looking to stay a little closer to home, but still hoping to check out some beautiful beaches? Why not try Cape Cod?

Fresh lobster, days spent relaxing by the beach, and cocktails on the water at night certainly doesn’t sound like a bad summer vacation spot to us! Cape Cod will not disappoint. Guaranteed.

3. Islamorada, Florida

IslamoradaImage via Fodors

But hey, maybe even Massachusetts might be a little far for you. Perhaps you’re hoping for a road trip or something that more resembles a staycation?

Never fear, we’ve got your back with Islamorada, Florida for all of our fellow Floridians. A slow and relaxed pace, breathtaking sunsets, and all the cocktails you could want, we’ve got a feeling this spot will make the perfect vacation for many.

And hey, if you’re not from Florida, but you’re still hoping for that relaxing staycation, just do a little bit of Googling, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll find the perfect spot within the hour. Easy peasy.

4) The Greek Islands

Greek IslandsImage via @elsa_wholesomelife

Let’s head over to Europe, shall we?

If you have some vacation time saved up, and you’re really hoping to do some serious traveling, we suggest planning out a trip that allows you to travel across Greece. You’ll see the most breathtaking views, eat amazing food, and most definitely spend some quality time in your bikini. No doubt about it: a Greek summer vacation will never disappoint.

5. Tasmania, Australia

TasmaniaImage via World Travel Guide

While Australia can be a bit of a far trip for most people, it’s still worth a mention, especially because you’ll find our summer is actually the off-season in Australia, meaning temperatures are more bearable, and prices are more affordable. Double bonus.

With amazing wildlife, Tasmania makes for the ideal summer vacation spot for any adventurer.

6. Iceland

IcelandImage via The Blonde Abroad

Maybe white sand beaches aren’t really your thing. Are you looking for a more of an adventure with less of the tropical vacation vibe?

If this is you, Iceland is calling your name. As one of the most popular destination spots in recent years, there are many reasons so many people are flocking to this beautiful country. Give it a quick search, and the amazing views of Iceland will be all you need to book your trip ASAP.

7. Hawaii

HawaiiImage via Simply x Classic

Another popular vacation spot that we’ve seen popping up on the Instagram feeds of many has been Hawaii.

And again, it really isn’t any secret why Hawaii has been so popular.

Whether you’re hoping to relax on the beach, stay in a 5-star luxury hotel, or take a surfing lesson, Hawaii is a spot that can easily appeal to any traveler.

8. Fiji

FijiImage via Traveller

Speaking of luxury, if you have your heart set on a summer vacation that is luxurious and relaxing, we highly recommend checking out Fiji.

With plenty of high-end resorts, restaurants, and views that are unbeatable, Fiji is the spot to go for a pamper session.

9. California Wine Country

Wine CountryImage via Expedia

Looking for a little dash of luxury closer to home? Then why not hit up some vineyards in California?

Amazing weather, slow pace, and of course, wine that can’t be beaten, there’s a vineyard in California with your name on it.

10. Toronto, Canada

TorontoImage via La Petite Noob

If you’re wanting to get outside the U.S., but aren’t looking to go too far, why not check out Canada? Or more specifically, Toronto?

With an impressive food scene, summer festivals, and great shopping, it’s hard to run out of things to do in Toronto.

And there you have it: our picks for the best vacation spots to hit up this summer.

Tell us, have you planned a summer vacation? Are you hoping to?

Give some of these vacation spots a try, and we’ve got a feeling Summer 2018 could go down as one of your best summers yet.

image courtesy of npca.org

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