2017 Fall Trends To Look Forward To

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2017 Fall Trends

When it comes to fall fashion, we just can’t get enough. But really, who can? There’s just something about being able to layer, add accessories, and be all around cozy that makes fall the absolute best time for seasonal dressing. Just take a look at your Pinterest feed. Every fashion obsessed lady out there is pinning, trying to put together her perfect fall wardrobe. It can actually be somewhat overwhelming, thinking you need to totally revamp your style for the fall season. Let us let you in on a little secret, though: while some trends will come and go, there are other trends that may vary slightly season to season, but with only a few adjustments, there are easily some trendy Fall trends for 2017 that you can wear in future seasons.

Today we have 5 fall trends that you should look forward to this season, without the overwhelm that the trend will go out of style for next season. These are trends that we know you’ll be able to work into your wardrobe time and time again.


Fall Trends -TurtlenecksImage via Glam Radar

The turtleneck will come and go, but eventually, it always ends up making a reappearance. In our What To Wear For Fall article, we mentioned turtlenecks for Fall 2017 were getting a bit of a revamp. This season you’ll notice some nods to Victorian fashion with excessive frills and ruffles being added to the traditional turtleneck. However, if you want to embrace a trend for this season that will last you for years to come, invest in a high-quality, basic turtleneck, in perhaps a black cashmere or wool. You may find a season or two where the turtleneck goes slightly out of style, but it always comes back. Invest now in something high quality that will last, and we guarantee you’ll be pulling that baby out of the closet for years to come.

Fall Florals

Fall Trends -FloralsImage via Breana Thomas

When you think florals, you may think of spring, but fall florals are actually a huge trend we see time and time again. The difference between a fall floral and a spring floral? A spring floral tends to be light and bright, with lots of pastels and watercolors. On the other hand, a fall floral is dark, with jewel tones and deep, romantic colors. In particular, for Fall 2017, the flower of the season is a rose; however, if you stick to florals in those deep, jewel tones, regardless of the actual floral used, no doubt you’ll be able to pull that piece from your wardrobe for multiple fall seasons.


Fall Trends - PlaidImage via Pinterest

There’s just something about plaid that always ends up coming back for these colder months. The style of plaid itself is always done slightly differently, in different colors, for example, but if you’re looking to embrace the trend in a way that will allow you to wear the trend for multiple seasons, we suggest looking for just your standard plaid, perhaps in a nice fall coat. A coat is a great option because even if the plaid style varies from season to season, at least with a coat you’re not tied to wearing the piece for the whole day. This season, in particular, plaid was extremely popular in suiting, specifically done in gray. But really, embrace plaid in whatever way you like, and you’ll likely see the trend pop up again and again.


Fall Trends - DenimImage via Pinterest

Think back in your lifetime: has there ever been a fall where denim was not embraced? Probably not. For Fall 2017, you’ll likely notice denim is being taken to the extreme with denim jumpsuits, matching sets, dresses, shirts…Basically, if it can be done in denim, it was. If you want to embrace this trend while not going full-on denim everything, all you really have to do is keep your denim collection up-to-date: a new pair of jeans or a new jean jacket (an absolute must-have Fall staple) will do the trick to keep you right on trend.

Trench Coat

Fall Trends - Trench Coat

Image via lolobu

For Fall 2017, you might notice the classic trench coat has been given some updates. You’ll notice added volume, embellishment, and experimental silhouettes are being played with by designers. However, if being practical while still being trendy is a priority for you, get yourself your standard trench. You’ll still look trendy but won’t look foolish once those embellished trenches go out of style. We promise, when it comes to the classic trench, it’s here to stay. Bonus: a trench coat is a great spring fashion staple as well, giving you, even more, use for this investment piece.

Not surprisingly, just like the majority of the fashion obsessed, we love trends. Having said that, we also love being able to provide you with fashion advice and tips that can save you money, time, and a headache. Fashion is meant to be fun, right? It shouldn’t have to be a race to always keep up with the latest trends, which is why we provided you with these 5 specific trends. All of the trends listed above will make you look perfectly on trend for Fall 2017, but we guarantee you’ll be able to pull these pieces out time and time again in upcoming fall seasons.

image courtesy: thefashiontag.com

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