2018 Denim Trends

By February 15, 2018Trends
2018 Denim Trends

If there’s one fashion staple that has consistently remained a classic regardless of what year we’re in, it is most definitely denim. From everyone’s favorite Levi’s to the acid washed styles of the ‘80s, to the embellished designs of 2017, denim has always had its place in the world of fashion. So, what can we expect to see in 2018 in terms of denim trends? We’ve got the scoop for you!

Here are some of the biggest denim trends you can expect to see heading your way in 2018:

1) Excessive Cuffing

Excessive CuffingImage via Matches Fashion

No, we’re not talking about the simple cuff job you might do when you buy your jeans too long. For 2018, we’re looking at a whole new level of cuffing. Expect to see jeans that actually have the cuff sewn in as a design element, and don’t be surprised if the cuff is looking a little excessive. In fact, cuffs this season will be as large as 3 inches. Yes, we’re taking the denim cuff very seriously in the new year.

2) Stitching

Designers everywhere are really playing with stitching patterns for denim in 2018. In particular, they’re strongly highlighting stitching patterns by using contrasting colors. For example, notice on the pair of jeans below the contrast of white stitching on black denim. See how that contrast of white on black makes the stitching pop? Expect to see a lot of that contrast action in 2018.

StitchingImage via TopShop

3) The Baggy Style

Baggy StyleImage via TopShop

If you love your skinny jeans, now might be the time to start reconsidering the love affair. Skinny jeans are out, and we’re welcoming back the baggy denim styles of the ‘90s. Whether that means wide legged, drop crotch, or just baggy in general, your denim for 2018 is not the body-hugging styles we’ve become accustomed to. Get ready for looser denim days.

4) Colored Denim

Colored DenimImage via Super Street

Remember a couple years back when colored denim really had its chance in the spotlight? Well, it looks like bold and bright styles are going to have their second chance to shine! For 2018,  we’d suggest keeping your eyes open for any denim in the purple and red hues. These colors are expected to really make some statements this year.

5) Utility Pants

Utility PantsImage via Opening Ceremony

We never thought we’d see the day, but yes, cargo and carpenter pants are making a comeback in a major way for 2018. Be on the lookout for all denim that is workwear inspired, and we guarantee you’ll be looking totally fashion forward. Who’s up for embracing this denim trend?

6) Red Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo PantsImage via Rag and Bone

You’ve likely noticed how big the athleisure trend has become in recent seasons. You know, track pants, sneakers, and all things athletic inspired with a fashionable twist? Well, athleisure is slowly creeping its way into the denim world with the red tuxedo pant. The red tuxedo pant is very much inspired by athleisure track pants, giving these babies an ultra-chic feel.

6) Dark Washed Denim

Dark-washed DenimImage via Madewell

But hey, maybe you’re not really looking to totally change things up with your denim style. Maybe you enjoy your standard skinny jeans, and the idea of embracing any of these more bold styles is just not your jam. No worries! You can still stay up-to-date with the latest denim trends by wearing the preferred denim wash of 2018: dark. In particular, you’ll find a dark indigo wash to be very popular. So go ahead, throw on a pair of dark washed jeans in your preferred cut and style, and you’ll fit right in for 2018.

So, tell us, which of thee denim trends will you be embracing in 2018? Are you looking to bring back some vintage ‘90s nostalgia to your fashion lineup, or are bold colors more up your alley? Or hey, maybe your standard, dark washed denim is about as far as you’re willing to take denim trends? Whatever your style, we have no doubts you’ll be looking great all year round.

Image courtesy: Huffington Post.

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