AUP’s Top 8 Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

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2018 Fall Trends

Well, it’s official: fall is here, and oh no, we’re not complaining one bit.

With gorgeous colors, all things cozy, and Halloween upon us, it’s impossible not find yourself under the spell of fall.

So what does that mean for your wardrobe, though?

Well, for most of us who love fashion, it means good things for our closets, but possibly some strain on our wallets, because no questions here, fall brings out the best style in all of us.

So, if you’re ready for some cozy sweaters, jewel tones, and all the fall trends that you can get your hands on, here’s our list of all the best fall trends for 2018.

Eat your stylish hearts out, ladies.

So here they are, our top 8 fall 2018 fashion trends.

1. Go wild with animal prints!

Animal PrintsImage via The Fashion Spot

For Fall 2018, we’re not being shy. Instead, it’s all about loud, bold prints that make a statement. In particular, anything animal print is all the rage. Cheetah, tiger, zebra, whatever animal print you can get your hands on, you’ll be right on trend.

And hey, don’t feel restricted to just wearing animal print clothing. Switch it up with some animal print shoes, accessories, or even outerwear.

2. Bring on all the plaid

PlaidImage via Marie Claire

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. For Fall, plaid is always in, but 2018, in particular, is seeing a huge surge of all things plaid.

Whether it’s outerwear, trousers, dresses, or even shoes and accessories, once you throw on some plaid this fall, your look gets an instant boost of style points.

Plus, if you pair multiple plaid items together, as shown above, you’re way ahead of the crowd in terms of great style.

3. Introducing belt bags

Belt BagImage via Refinery29

What originally might have been called “the fanny pack” is getting an update in a big way.

Introducing belt bags.

Minimalist, hands-free, and so convenient, these little bags are popping up all over. Get one (or multiple!) for yourself, and you’ll quickly learn why these babies are such a hit.

Would you wear a belt bag?

4. Cowboys boots make a major statement

Cowboy BootsImage via Vogue Italy

We never thought we’d see the day where cowboy boots became mainstream again, but here we are in 2018, and this trend is having its time to shine.

Pair your cowboy boots with skirts and dresses, or go full cowgirl with some denim. This fall, there really isn’t a wrong way to do cowboy boots.

5. The slouchy boot

Slouchy BootsImage via Who What Wear

If cowboy boots aren’t really your style, and you’re looking for a great fall boot that’s a little more on the traditional end of the style spectrum, we highly recommend investing in a pair of slouchy boots.

Not only is this particular boot style right on trend for 2018 it’s also super easy to pair with everything and anything. Skirts, dresses, or even tucked into some skinny jeans, this boot style gives off a laid-back vibe, while still remaining ultra-chic and sophisticated.

6. Invest in hot pink for a winning look

Hot PinkImage via Elle

If you’re looking to wear a color this fall that might not seem traditional or typical for the season, we highly recommend testing out some hot pink in your wardrobe.

While orange, red, and yellow might be your more traditional fall colors, hot pink is the color of the season, and we’re absolutely loving it for a pop of something bold and unexpected.

Give it a try!

7. Did someone say leather dress?

Leather DressImage via The Evening Standard

If you love the look of a good leather jacket, you’re going to go absolutely wild for this next trend.

Introducing the leather dress.

Yes, you read that correctly. In 2018, leather dresses are in, and they’re making even the most basic outfits look ultra trendy.

Throw on a leather dress, and your style will be an instant hit. Guaranteed.

8. Ruching makes a comeback

RuchingImage via Popsugar

When you think of ruching, you likely think of something you wore during your teenage years, but the tables are about to turn because ruching is now a modern trend that the most stylish ladies are itching to get their hands on.

Whether it be on skirts or dresses, this easy-to-wear trend is perfect for elongating your frame, giving you that perfect silhouette that you’ve been looking for.

Give it a shot, and you’ll quickly understand the appeal of some ruching in your wardrobe.

And there you have it: our favorite top 8 trends that are making a big splash this fall.

Do you love these fall trends? Or perhaps these trends aren’t exactly speaking to you?

No worries. If you need even more fall fashion inspiration, we’ve got an additional 8 top trends from this list.

When it comes to achieving great style, we’ve always got your back. Promise.

image courtesy of Vogue.

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