How to Wear the 2019 Pantone Color of The Year – Living Coral

By February 5, 2019Color, Trends

Have you heard the news? Purple is out, and Living Coral is in!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, then it’s about time you got familiar with the color of the year.

Each year, Pantone, the authority on all things color, releases its color of the year.

This color is intentionally chosen as a symbol of the times and is predicted to be seen in design throughout the year, both in fashion and in interior design.

Last year, if you read our article on the 2018 color of the year, you’ll know that it was all about UltraViolet. And, in 2017, everything was turning up green with “Greenery”.

This year, though, Pantone is serving up something a little lighter.

Introducing Living Coral.

Soft, feminine, and brilliantly golden, we can’t wait to explore all things Living Coral.

If you’re in the same boat and you’re falling in love with this pretty shade, here are five ways you can add some Living Coral into your wardrobe.

1. Your Clothing

Image via Lulus

When it comes to incorporating color into your wardrobe, the first idea that always comes to mind is clothing. Whether it be a pretty coral dress or a statement-making coral blouse, you always have the option to incorporate Living Coral into your clothing choices. Because, trust us, this year there will be no shortage of Living Coral popping up at all your favorite shops.

Keep in mind, though, while you might be tempted to scoop up all the clothing pieces in Living Coral, also be sure to keep your eyes open for pieces that subtly incorporate coral. Perhaps it’s a skirt done in a floral pattern that uses a hint of coral? Or maybe you spot a spring coat that’s done with a coral detail?

However you feel comfortable incorporating Living Coral into your wardrobe, we highly recommend going for it. We’ve got a feeling once you do, you’ll be getting all the compliments on your great taste.

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2. Your Shoes

Shop the Poppy Delyte Mountain shoe

If you know us here at Unlikely Pear, then you’re already familiar with our love for all things footwear.

To us, there’s nothing that more quickly and easily turns an outfit from standard to trendy in seconds. And yes, that statement most definitely applies when incorporating coral footwear into your wardrobe.

Not only are coral shoes a real statement maker, but they’re also super wearable, especially in the spring and summer months.

Coral wedges paired with a white dress? Yes, please!

Jeans shorts and a tee with a pair of strappy coral sandals? Definitely.

And who could say no a figure-flattering little black dress paired with coral heels? Certainly not us!

Get your hands on a pair of coral shoes, and there’s no doubt you’ll have quite the stylish wardrobe on your hands.

Check out the Poppy Delyte Mountain Flat for one of our favorite coral shoes.

3. Your Handbag

Image via Fashion Gum

Similarly to your shoes, your handbag is also a great fashion piece to add some coral, too.

While we wouldn’t suggest making a coral bag your primary handbag, having a cute clutch or a fun tote in a coral color is a great idea for this year!

Of course, if you’re a big fan of Living Coral, you can always opt for a coral bag as your primary bag. However, the only reason we suggest opting for a less expensive, secondary bag in coral is simply how bold coral can be. You might get tired of wearing a coral handbag every day, and there’s always a chance your outfit might clash with your new coral bag.

Decide how much you’ll be able to wear your coral handbag, and base your buying decision off of that.

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4. Jewelry

Image via iebis

A more subtle and versatile way to incorporate coral into your wardrobe is through your jewelry. You can opt for some bold and statement-making pieces, but you can also go for pieces that just have a subtle pop of coral.

Not to mention, with jewelry, it generally won’t make as much of an impact as a blouse or purse, for example, meaning you can wear your coral jewelry more often without feeling you’re are constantly outfit repeating.

In particular, we’re all for bold jewelry that subtly adds just a touch of coral. Wearable, pretty, and right on trend for 2019, we can’t wait for you to add some coral jewelry to your life.

5. Beauty

Image via The Anna Edit

And last, but certainly not least, if you’re not so certain about coral, but you’re still hoping to give the trend a try, we can’t say enough good things about incorporating coral into your beauty routine.

Your nails, your lipstick, even a coral shade of blush are all excellent (and on trend!) ways to add just a pop of coral. Easy peasy.

So, ladies, let us know: how are you incorporating Living Coral into your wardrobe? Are you into the Color of The Year for 2019, or is it not your jam?

Stay true to your style preferences, don’t be a slave to trends, and we have no doubts you’ll be both looking and feeling your best all throughout the year.

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