5 Closet Spring Cleaning Tips

By April 11, 2019Fashion, Spring
Closet Cleaning

It’s inevitable: the warm weather starts rolling in, you open the windows for fresh air, and you suddenly have the craving to spring clean your entire life.

Whether it be your kitchen cupboards, your office drawers, or that pile of paperwork that just seems to keep growing, spring always brings that itch to get your life in order.

And so, with that in mind, today, we’re going to go over some simple tips to help you spring clean your closet.

Because yes, as ladies who love fashion and style, we’re sure you have quite the overflowing wardrobe.

And guess what?

While we’re all about trying out the latest styles and trends, there’s a good chance if you’re looking into your wardrobe day-in and day out, and seeing a mass of clothing that you’re not absolutely head-over-heels in love with, it’s likely overwhelming you with too many clothing options.

Sound about right?

That’s what we thought! So listen up, ladies: These are the tips that will get your closet in perfect order for spring.

Let’s get organizing.

Tip #1: If it doesn’t fit you NOW, say goodbye

It must fit
Image via Brighton The Day

As women, one of the habits many of us have is holding onto clothing that doesn’t fit.

We tell ourselves that eventually, we’ll be able to fit into our favorite dress from five years ago, but do you want to know a secret?

Even if that’s true, if you have a pile of clothing in your closet that’s constantly reminding you of stressful situations like weight loss, it’s probably doing nothing for your self-confidence or your general life happiness.

If you have clothing in your closet that doesn’t fit your body as it is right now, get rid of it.

Not only will doing so open up space in your closet it’s also going to open up space in your mind so you’re not constantly weighed down by negative thoughts.

Pro Tip:
If your clothing is still in good condition, but you don’t need it in your closet anymore, you can always make some extra money by selling your clothing. Even donating is a much better option than simply throwing out perfectly wearable clothing. Check out our list of the best places to sell or donate clothing here.

Tip #2: If you haven’t worn it, chuck it

Wear it of chuck it
Image via The Everygirl

Another habit that many of us have is the tendency to hold onto items that we don’t actually need, or even like.

We’re constantly thinking of the “what if” scenario:

What if this comes back in style?

What if I could use this for a Halloween costume?

What if I like this color again one day?

What if one of my friends wants to borrow this?

If you’re having to come up with reasons for why you love a piece of clothing, it’s time to get rid of it.

When you look at a piece of clothing, you should know with certainty that you’ve worn it this season. If you can’t remember the last time you wore a piece of clothing, it’s not worthy of taking up space in your closet.


Tip #3: Put your clothing to the test

Put your clothing to the test
Image via Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Now, having said that, while it’s easy enough for us to tell you to get rid of clothing, it’s not always as easy to put into practice.

And so, if you’re struggling with what items to spring clean out of your closet, put them to the test with this handy trick.

In your closet, make sure all your hangers are facing the same way. After wearing a piece, when you put it back in your closet, face the hanger in the opposite direction. At the end of 3 months, if you have items in your closet that are not on the flipped hangers, this is a solid indication that you’re not wearing these items, and they should be removed from your closet ASAP.

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Tip #4: Pick your favorite pieces if you have multiples

Have multiples
Image via Houzz

How many pairs of jeans do you have?

What about white t-shirts?

When it comes to fashion basics, many of us have the tendency to stockpile these items to the point where they start to overtake your closet.

If you have multiples of the same item, get real with yourself: How many of these do you actually need.

Sure, if you wear jeans often and you like different washes, it makes sense to have multiple pairs.

However, if you have five pairs of dark-wash jeans, all in the same style, let go of some. This is especially true if you have pairs in that set that either don’t fit, or you never reach for.

Keep the pairs that you’re consistently wearing on a weekly basis, but if you’re holding onto pairs simply for that “what if” scenario, it’s time to say goodbye.

Tip #5: Envision your ideal style

Ideal style
Image via Gal Meets Glam

As a lady who loves fashion, you likely have a particular style. You also likely have an idea of what kind of vibe and aesthetic you want your style to give off.

Is it feminine and flirty? Edgy and trendy? Perhaps you have more of a boho vibe?

Whatever it is, get really clear about it. Envision in your mind (or on paper) exactly what kind of style vibe you want to give off.

Got it?

Okay, now be ruthless and get rid of any pieces in your wardrobe that aren’t in line with that style vibe.

For example, if you want to give off a high-class, feminine vibe, and you’re holding onto old track-pants that you never wear, they don’t deserve a spot in your closet. They’re simply taking away from that classy, feminine vibe that you’re trying to achieve.

Be ruthless. Trust us, you’ll thank us when you’re giving off the style vibe that you’ve always hoped to achieve.

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So who’s going to be spring cleaning their closet this weekend?

While it can feel overwhelming when you’re looking into that overflowing wardrobe, once you start, we’re certain that you’ll see why everyone loves a good spring clean.

Happy spring, ladies!

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