5 Comfortable and Stylish Thanksgiving Outfit Combos

By November 20, 2019Fall, Holidays
Thanksgiving Outfit Combos

It’s getting to be that time of year: Thanksgiving plans are being made, turkeys are being ordered, and we’re slowly but surely pulling out the Christmas decorations from storage.

We can feel the festivities brewing from here, and that’s why we’re so excited to chat about all things Thanksgiving fashion today!

While we know this beloved holiday is about much more than the clothes on your back, it’s never a bad thing when you both look good and feel good in your outfit, right?

If you’re on board with Thanksgiving outfit ideas that are both stylish, but also still comfortable after your second piece of pumpkin pie, listen up. These are our favorite outfit combos for a stylish (but comfortable!) Thanksgiving.

1. Leggings + Plaid

Leggings + Plaid
Image via Brighton The Day

Did your ears perk up at the mention of leggings?

We don’t blame you! If there’s one fashion item out there that never fails to deliver on comfort, it is most definitely the beloved legging.

To keep things stylish and appropriate for a cozy family gathering, pair your most comfortable leggings with a stylish tunic. While any tunic will work, to help really bring those fall style vibes, we highly recommend incorporating some plaid into your look.

Top it all off with some cozy boots or your best pair of sneakers, and this is a Thanksgiving outfit combo that just can’t fail.

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2. Peplum Top + Denim

Peplum Top + Denim
Image via Rachel Parcel

If you have dinner with the in-laws, or you’re just looking for a Thanksgiving outfit that has a little something extra, we always recommend a peplum top.

The perfect piece to rock if you decide to go for second helpings, a peplum always pairs excellently with denim for a look that’s both casual and comfortable, but also feminine and chic. Easy choice.

3. Sweater Dress + Over The Knee Boots

Image via Cella Jane

What’s better than the combo of both a cozy sweater and a comfy dress? In our minds, nothing!

Sweater Dress + Over The Knee BootsA sweater dress is the perfect compromise between pulled-together and sophisticated, but also casual and effortless. Don’t you agree?

Pair your sweater dress with some over-the-knee boots, and this Thanksgiving outfit will win you style points every time.

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4. Midi Skirt + Knit Sweater

Midi Skirt + Knit SweaterImage via Emma Hill

To keep things comfortable, when looking at skirts to wear to Thanksgiving, always try to go for something that is loose and flowy, and that ideally has an elastic waistband (trust us, you’ll thank us later).

In addition, we always highly recommend opting for a midi style to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions while you’re sitting down to your delicious meal.

Top the outfit off with a cozy knit sweater to keep things casual and perfectly fall appropriate, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Thanksgiving outfit combo.

5. Dressed-up Joggers

Dressed-up Joggers
Image via Styleoholic

If you’re more of a pants lady, but the idea of wearing denim is too restricting, but leggings seem too casual, then the jogger is about to become your new best friend.

The perfect compromise between jeans and leggings, the jogger is an easy-to-wear style that you can easily be dressed up or down depending on what your Thanksgiving plans entail.

Pair your joggers with a cami, cardigan, and casual sneakers. Or, dress it up a little with a blazer and booties. Simple.

So ladies, which of these comfortable and stylish outfit pairings will you be rocking this Thanksgiving?

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

image courtesy of thespruce.com

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