Date Night Outfit Combinations That Always Stun

By February 12, 2018Fashion, Holidays
Date Night Outfits

We’ve all had this moment: we’re getting ready for date night, watching the clock count down to our impending dinner reservation, and we’re just nowhere near to being ready. By this point, it feels like you’ve tried every outfit combination imaginable, but you know nothing has reached the elusive jaw drop status. The worst, right?

Don’t worry, we know the struggle, which is why we’ve come up with these 5 outfit combinations that are bound to stun. Whether it’s for your ritual date night with your husband, the first date with someone you’ve had your eyes on, or you have the romantic Valentine’s Day date of your dreams planned, there’s an outfit pairing on this list to suit any occasion.

Here are our 5 favorite outfit combinations for date night:

1) A Little Black Dress + Strappy Heels

We couldn’t start this list off without mentioning the cream of the crop when it comes to date night outfits. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress and strappy heels. It’s slimming, sexy, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on what activities you have planned for your date night.

Little Black Dress + Strappy HeelsImage via Pinterest

For a fancier evening, go with a structured, form-fitting black dress. Pair it with your favorite strappy heels, your go-to clutch, throw on some lipstick, and you’re ready to go. On the other hand, if your date night is on the casual side, perhaps looking for a little black dress that’s more flirty and playful would be appropriate. Style it with a denim jacket, and skip the heels for a look that is simple and low-key. Either way, we guarantee you’ll feel confident all through the evening in your little black dress.

2) Leather + Denim

However you pair leather and denim, it always works. Whether it be a sleek pair of dark washed denim pants with a black leather jacket or leather leggings with a denim jacket, we just love how this pairing automatically gives a serious style edge to a woman’s look.

Denim & LeatherImage via Fashioned Chic

Wear it when you’re hitting up a casual pub, or throw on a pair of heels if you need something a little more nighttime appropriate. And hey, if you’re really feeling like bringing the edge for date night, we’re all for leather on leather. A leather jacket with leather boots. How can you go wrong? We love the idea of our Ruby Ankle Bootie with a leather jacket. Hello, show stopper!

3) Bodysuit + High-Waisted Denim

If there’s one trend we’re absolutely obsessed with this season, it would have to be high waisted denim, with a bodysuit. Not only is the pairing extremely figuring flattering, it’s also chic, easy to wear, and versatile for whatever is on the agenda for the evening.

Body Suit & High Waist JeansImage via Pinterest

For a classic look, go with dark washed denim and a black top. For something more standout, pull out your favorite statement-making top in a vibrant print or bold color. However you style the pairing, trust us, it never fails to get his attention.

4) Sundress + Ballet Flats

Of course, the season and your current weather situation might dictate whether you can wear this outfit pairing or not, but if the sun is out and bare legs are appropriate, a sundress with cute ballet flats always wins in our books.

Sundress & FlatsImage via Pinterest

With such a feminine look, we suggest styling your hair with some soft waves, using a pretty pink lip gloss, and wearing delicate jewelry. Keep it simple, and you’ll be out the door and ready for your date in no time.

If the weather is more on the chillier side, though, go for a flirty dress, layer it with some warm tights, and replace the flats with some booties. The impact of the look is the same, but you’ll be much warmer as you enjoy your date night.

For more tips on how to style date night outfits for chillier evenings, be sure to check out our article on Fall Date Night Outfits.

5) Tuxedo Pants + Strappy Heels

Tuxedo Pants + Strappy HeelsImage via Pinterest

If you read our article on New Years Eve Fashion Tips, you know how we feel about tuxedo pants. They’re the perfect option if you have a more formal evening planned, but you’re just not feeling a dress. There’s something about that menswear-inspired look on a woman that just automatically gives her a sense of style while not being over-the-top. Plus, with some strappy heels to it finish off, you’re still giving the outfit some feminine flair to balance everything out. He’s going to love how unexpected the look is.

And there you have it: our 5 favorite outfit pairings for date night. Will you be trying out any of these outfit combos? Or perhaps you already have your favorite go-to pairing for date night. We’d love to hear what it is! We’re all for women heading into date night, rocking an outfit, and feeling confident doing so. Find the style that speaks to you most, and we guarantee you’ll be feeling your absolute best on your next date night.

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