5 Reasons Why Boots Are The Best Shoe Style

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It definitely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that here at Unlikely Pear we absolutely love boots! Whether we’re talking about ankle booties, riding boots, rain boots, or our personal favorite, over the knee boots, we absolutely love them all. And we know you do too! You are reading the blog of a shoe store, after all! So today in honor of our mutual love for all things boots, we wanted to share and spread the boot love. We know you might not need a whole lot of convincing when it comes to all the reasons for why boots rock, but we thought we’d give you some quick little reminders anyway. Cool?

1) Boots instantly make an outfit look better

Best BootsImage via Top Fashion Style

We’re not sure if there’s some type of science to this, but have you ever noticed that whenever you slip into a pair of boots, your outfit almost automatically improves? It’s true! Think of this scenario: have you ever gone to a party or a gathering at a house where you were required to take your shoes off? If you’re wearing a pair of boots and then take them off, your outfit goes from total hit to awkward. Boots undoubtedly pull an outfit together, especially in today’s day and age of skinny jeans and leggings. Socks and skinny jeans? Not Ideal. A pair of over the knee boots with great denim? Total perfection. If you have something coming up where you want to look great, like a date night, make sure you’ve got a killer pair of boots handy to spice up your look.

2) There’s nothing cozier than boots

Cozy BootsImage via Be Modish

Unless you’re wearing a killer pair of stiletto boots, for the most part, boots are just more comfortable than any other shoe. They are the shoe that you wear once the weather gets cooler, so it’s not too surprising you associate boots with all things cozy. Just think if you had a pair of fleece lined boots? Your toes would certainly thank you.

3) Fall. That’s all.

Kick up your boots, and relax, ladies. It’s time to remember all the amazing reasons for why boots absolutely win as one of the key fashion staples for any women’s wardrobe.

Fall BootsImage via Luuv It

Do we really need to even say more here? Pumpkin spiced lattes, fall trends, football games, apple picking, and of course, Halloween. Really, Fall is just one of those magical times of year where everything seems a little prettier. And yup, getting to pull out our boots from our closet absolutely reminds us all of the upcoming magical moments that Fall has to deliver. Not to mention, for most women, fall fashion is one of the most loved seasons of them all, so it’s not too shocking we all get giddy at the sight of boots.

4) There’s something for everyone

Diverse Boot StylesImage via Pinterest

This is pretty much true of most styles of shoes, but with boots, there truly is something for everyone. Really, have you ever met someone who doesn’t own and wear at least one pair of boots? Probably not. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love heels? Or is self-conscious of their feet so they don’t wear sandals? Much more likely. Boots, no matter what your style preference just work. Always. If your style is edgy, there are combat boots for that. If your style is a little boho, get a pair with fringe. Or hey, perhaps you’re keen on embracing some of the biggest fall trends, like crushed velvet? There’s even a boot for that! No matter what your style, there’s a pair of boots out there with your name on it. Guaranteed.

5) Over the Knee Boots. Need we say more?

Over the Knee BootsImage via Fashion Enzyme

Yes, we’re giving OTK boots there very own category as one of the reasons why we love boots. They’re that good. It’s hard to even place your finger on why OTK boots work so well, but they instantly bring a fashion edge to almost any outfit. Seriously, you could be wearing leggings and a comfy sweater, as shown above, but once you throw on a pair of OTK boots, your outfit will instantly look more pulled together. Make sure you have a pair of OTK boots ready to go for all those days where you’re just too busy to put much effort into your appearance. OTK boots will have everyone fooled, and you’ll look like a complete fashion rock star.

Oh, and did you know we have new arrivals of OTK boots available? Black, brown, grey, whatever your style preference, we’re showing off our love for OTK boots in our shop. What are you waiting for? Check ‘em out.

So, ladies, tell us: what’s your number one reason for loving boots? In our books, there are plenty, but there’s no better reason than that boots just scream fashionable. Even if fashion isn’t your thing, a pair of standard black boots is totally capable of dressing up an outfit. It’s undeniable, boots truly are the secret weapon to any women’s wardrobe.

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