5 Ways To Style A Kimono

By June 11, 2019Summer, Trends
Summer Kimono Styles

While warmer days might be upon us, there still tends to be some evenings where a cool breeze makes an appearance. In those cases, we hate being chilly, and that’s why we love sharing tips that will help make you look good, while also giving you an extra layer of warmth.

Enter the kimono.

As one of our favorite easy-to-wear pieces for summer, trust us, once you have one of these babies in your life, it will become a constant wardrobe staple.

But hey, if you’re not certain about the kimono, we’ve got your back. Try out some of these style tips, and you’ll be well on your way to being just as obsessed with kimonos as we are.

1. Wear your kimono with a denim skirt

Kimono with denim skirt
Image via Little Lovelies

If you read our article on styling a denim skirt this spring, you’re already aware of how in love we are with this style trend.

Throw a cool kimono on top of that, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that screams cool, casual, and right on-trend for the season. Try out this summer look today.

2. Go full boho with ripped cut-offs and cool shoes

Kimono boho
Image via Jane

Generally speaking, the kimono tends to give off a very boho vibe.

If you like this look, or you’ve been wanting to try out a boho aesthetic, add cut-offs and cool shoes, like gladiator sandals or booties, to your outfit.

In particular, we love this style for a summer concert. Not to mention, it’s insanely easy-to-wear, while still managing to look effortlessly cool. Not a bad deal, right?

3. You can’t go wrong with a dress + a kimono

Kimono and a dress
Image via Glam Radar

If you want to give off a more feminine feel with your kimono, we absolutely love the look of a kimono with a dress.

More specifically, for that popular boho look, we recommend looking for bold patterns, florals, tassels, and fringe in your kimono. Just keep the rest of the look relatively neutral, like with the black dress shown above, and we know you’ll love this style combo, too.

4. For extra chilly days, a kimono and leggings will be your best friend

Kimono and leggings
Image via Marste

While we might not get many overly chilly days in Florida, we know that other parts of the country still do experience a chill in the evenings, and that’s why we wanted to sneak this little style tip in here.

In this case, if you’re looking for that extra boost of style for chillier evenings, we’re head-over-heels in love with the look of a kimono with some faux-leather leggings.

Not only is this more stylish than your standard pair of leggings, but it’s also still comfortable and very wearable.

5. Always be sure to give your kimono some summer flair

Kimono summer flair
Image via Twenties Girl Style

Last but not least, we just want to remind you that regardless of the temperature, it’s important to still give your look that splash of summertime flair (or whatever season we’re currently in).

For example, during the warmer months, seek out a kimono done in seasonal colors, style with denim shorts, add some feminine florals, or rock your favorite pair of sandals.

However you choose to style your kimono, take all these style tips and inspiration, pick the ones that speak most to your personal style, and we have no doubts that you’ll be looking great in a kimono in no time.

image courtesy of zikger.com

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