Wedding Guests – 5 Tips on What To Wear

Warmer weather is upon us, and you know what that means: all the wedding invites start rolling in. For some, the idea of putting together yet another wedding look can be stressful and exhausting, but for you fashionistas, we know you just can’t resist an opportunity to get all dolled up. Are we right? We thought so. Even still, despite your excitement at finding the perfect dress to wear to that cute little backyard wedding, you still may feel overwhelmed as more invites start to pile up. Don’t stress, we get it, your closet (and wallet) can only handle so much. So today, in order to keep you feeling stress-free this wedding season, we’ve got some tips and recommendations for planning your wedding looks.

Now, of course what you wear to a wedding completely depends on event venue, time of day, theme, and possibly even specific requests from the happy couple. It’s important to first and foremost consider all these factors when planning your outfit. With these considerations in mind, here are our tips for planning your outfits this wedding season.

Tip One: It’s okay to double dip


Image via Lifestyle Fashionista

If you have a handful of weddings to attend this season, our top recommendation would be to wear the same dress twice, but style it differently, as shown above. However, we recommend investing in a neutral colored dress (white, of course, is not an option). Why neutral? Because if you really have that many weddings to attend, it’s always helpful to have that one great neutral colored dress that you can easily change up in various ways with your accessories, shoes, hair, and/or makeup. Perhaps invest in a nice champagne colored dress (the perfect color for your summer tan). For one weddings wear the dress with neutral accessories and a bold pink lip, and for the next do electric blue shoes and change up your hair. The dress may be the same, but it’s how you play with things like your accessories and shoes that are really going to make the look different each time.

Tip Two: Florals always win; white always loses

Magnolia Boutique

Image via Magnolia Boutique

Whether on your feet, on a patterned dress, or as part of your accessories, it’s impossible to go wrong with florals in the spring and summer. Really, what screams a spring and summer wedding more than florals? Quite simply, nothing. The only other more obvious wedding dress code to live by: don’t wear white. If you’re unsure if something constitutes as white, play it safe and put that dress away. White shoes? Okay, maybe. White dress? Never. Plain and simple.

Tip Three: Be smart with your shoe choices

An Unlikely PearImage via Unlikely Pear

You know how important shoes are to us here at Unlikely Pear, and yet, so often when picking outfits for a wedding, we tend to focus our attention on the dress. However, equally important are your shoes. Really, your shoes can completely make or break your outfit! If you purchase a brand new pair of shoes before a wedding make sure to break them in before the event. There’s nothing worse than stumbling around with blisters covering your feet. Also, strongly consider the event venue when picking your shoes. You may love your black stilettos, but a beach wedding is probably not the place for them. We highly recommend investing in a great pair of wedges for spring and summer weddings, like our Andira Wedge. They’re versatile for various venues, are comfortable, easy to walk in, and can be worn outside your wedding obligations. But hey, if you can’t part with your 6 inch heels, stash a pair of cute ballet flats in your clutch so you’re able to dance the night away later.

Tip Four: Dress Comfortably

Wedding Forward

Image via Wedding Forward

Just as it’s important to be comfortable on your feet, it’s equally important to ensure whatever dress you do choose, you’re also comfortable in. If you’re constantly going to be pulling up your strapless dress, invest in something new. If a dress shrunk in the wash and it’s now too short, find it a new home and get yourself something more length appropriate. Keep in mind, all attention should be going to the bride on her special day. It is her day after all, so if a dress seems too revealing or overly sexy, it’s probably best to swap it out for something more wedding appropriate (i.e. something you’d feel comfortable wearing in front of your family).

Tip Five: Use your friends

Barefoot Blonde

Image via Barefoot Blonde

Now, of course don’t actually use your friends, but do make use of them. As women who love fashion, you likely have at least a couple girlfriends who are also equally obsessed with fashion as you. What does that mean? It means they probably have a whole closet full of dresses they’d be happy to lend you for an evening. Same goes for the shoe closet! If you’re only going to be wearing a dress or a pair of heels for an evening, why invest in something new when you’ve got a friend, sister, or cousin who you can swap with? Just be sure to return the favor! And hey, if you don’t have a lady in your life who is the same size as you, there are plenty of companies that will allow you to rent dresses. A simple google search and you could be saving hundreds of dollars on a dress!

And there you have it: five tips to make sure you’re headed into wedding season stress-free. With your eye for color, pattern, fit, and style, we have no doubt you’ll be rocking all your wedding looks. Enjoy all your wedding celebrations!

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