6 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

By December 10, 2019Shopping
Shop Local

It’s never been easier or more convenient to do all your shopping online. Simply place your order, and voila, your package arrives on your door, no hassle involved. Of course, though, when we rely on the convenience of online shopping, we miss out on the beauty of something that’s slowly becoming less and less common: shopping local.

Whether you’re someone who exclusively relies on online shopping, or you’re someone who likes to mix it up, today we want to go over all the benefits of shopping local.

Because sure, it might mean your shopping options are more limited, but it also means you open yourself up to a whole new world of shopping opportunities.

Read on to discover all the benefits of shopping local:

1. You support local business

Support Local Businesses
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When you shop local, you help support and grow local business. Not only does this mean you’re helping support families in your community, it also means that your local economy grows.

Why does this matter? Quite simply it matters because more money and funds are going into improving your community. Whether it come in the form of a new playground for the kids, or something simpler like cleaning up your streets, without a doubt, shopping local helps ensure you’re living in a more thriving community.

2. You get to have a one-of-a-kind experience

One-of-a-kind Experience
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While not every local business necessarily sells one-of-a-kind items, every local business is a unique experience.

Small business owners generally care more about their customer’s shopping experience, and there’s a strong possibility you’re going to leave a local business feeling like you received a more customized and unique experience than you would at a Walmart or a Target.

3. You can develop relationships

Develop Relationships
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Often, when you shop local, you start to recognize shop owners and their employees, especially if you’re frequenting the same shops regularly.

Maybe you love the coffee at a local coffee shop, or perhaps there’s a local boutique that sells clothing that’s very much your style.

Whatever the case, when you frequent shops often, because these shops are smaller and with less employees, you have the opportunity to develop a unique relationship with those workers.

4. More specialized products

Specialized Products
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Whether it be a handmade product or something that you simply can’t find on Amazon, shopping local introduces you to more brands, products, and unique items.

You might even be able to find items that are specifically branded to your city/community. For example, t-shirts and other apparel are popular items that local entrepreneurs sell with carefully branded and thought out graphics and slogans.

Don’t miss out on discovering these unique products.

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5. Better for the environment

Better for the environment
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This might not be something you think of automatically, but when you support local business, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

For example, if you buy your coffee locally, rather than driving out to a Starbucks, you’ll likely be able to walk or bike, which we think everyone knows is much better for the environment.

6) Local businesses care more about the community

Not only will you likely get a better shopping experience when you shop local, but local business owners are also more invested in helping their community prosper. They’re much more likely to make decisions that benefit the community, and they’re much more likely to stay in the community, rather than moving to another location.

Bottom line: Generally speaking, small businesses just care more about their community.
We encourage everyone to shop local as much as they can. It might not feel like you’re making a difference, but trust us, each time you make a purchase from a local business, you’re helping to support someone’s dream.

Shop local today and experience the difference.

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