6 Tips to Simplify Thanksgiving Dinner

By November 16, 2018Fall, Holiday

Between pumpkin pie, family, football, and all of our favorite traditional American customs, there’s nothing we love more than a good Thanksgiving gathering.

Having said that, though, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably all too familiar with some of the stresses that can come from hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. Between prep work, styling your home for the holidays, and catering to everyone’s different diets and preferences, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be a bit of a nightmare.

But never fear, we’re here to help you with some tips, tricks, and hacks that we’ve picked up over the years that make hosting Thanksgiving dinner so much easier.

You ready? Follow these tips, tricks, and hacks for a simplified, stress-free Thanksgiving:

1. Prep Your Side Dishes Ahead of Time

Prep Side DishesImage via The Food Network

When you have your friends and family over for the holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is spending all your time in the kitchen.

Save yourself some time on the big day by prepping your side dishes the day before. With just a quick Google search, you’ll find there are plenty of dishes that can be prepped ahead of time that taste just as good the next day. In particular, browse through Pinterest to find some crockpot recipes that allow you to prep ahead of time, and then reheat in the crockpot the next day. Easy peasy.

Trust us, this tip is going to take your stress levels right down.

2. Add Your Own Fixings To A Boxed Stuffing

StuffingImage via Genius Kitchen

Speaking of side dishes, maybe this year you’re not feeling like making your stuffing from scratch?

We don’t blame you! You have enough things on that To-Do list of yours.

If this is you, simply make the boxed stuffing, but add in some tasty surprises. Bacon perhaps? Chop up some green onions? Maybe a unique spice for some added flavor?

Test it out before the big day, and we guarantee your family will never even know you made it from the box.

3. Practice Mise-En-Place

Mise-en-placeImage via Reader’s Digest

Never heard of mise-en-place?

Oh, you’re in for a treat today. Mise-en-place is the French culinary practice of having all your ingredients prepped and chopped ahead of time.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to make any food ahead of time, this is the perfect alternative. Basically, all you’re doing is measuring out ingredients so that when it comes time to put your Thanksgiving feast together, all you have to do is confidently combine the ingredients.

This is a huge time saver and comes in handy for Thanksgiving.

4. Print Out Recipes

Print RecipesImage via Food52

Save some counter space and keep your kitchen nice and tidy by printing or writing out your recipes, rather than using your cookbooks.

While we, of course, love a good cookbook and all the delicious recipes that they provide, cookbooks take up a lot of space, and can easily get in the way when you have multiple dishes in the works.

Make it easier on yourself and keep your prep space as minimal as possible.

5. Triple Line Your Garbage Can

Thanksgiving WasteImage via Reader’s Digest

This might not be one you’ve thought of, but to save time, and make the day run smoother, double, or even triple line your garbage can.


This way, each time the garbage gets taken out, there’s already a new bag waiting and ready to be used.

This can be extremely helpful when you have a large group of people over and the garbage fills up quickly.

Make the day easier on yourself, and take any and all the time-saving hacks that you can.

6. Rent Your Dishes and Utensils

Did you know that there are services available that allow you to rent your dishes? Oh yes, if you’re really looking to save some time this Thanksgiving, we highly recommend making use of this handy trick.

Not only is this a great alternative if you don’t have a full matching set of dishware, it’s also great, because most of these dish renting services will allow you to simply rinse the dishes and return them.

This way you don’t have to run the dishwasher multiple times, and you’ll just have to wash the pots and pans that you used.

Give it a try, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll quickly see the appeal of renting your dishes for Thanksgiving.

So, are you prepped and ready for Thanksgiving?

It still may be a couple weeks away, but if you’re the one hosting the event, it never hurts to be overprepared.

Take the time to prep. Trust us, when you’re Thanksgiving runs smoothly and you’re actually able to enjoy it, you’ll thank us.

Oh, and hey, if you need some help with picking out your outfit for Thanksgiving dinner, this article should help you out. In it, we’ll provide you with all the Thanksgiving style inspiration that you need.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

image courtesy of nourishedkitchen.com

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