6 Trendy Winter Looks

By December 16, 2018Fashion, Winter
Petite Paris

Well, it’s official, winter is here, and if you haven’t transitioned your wardrobe over from fall to winter yet, now is the time to get on board to the land of the sweater, knits, and all the cozy boots that you can get your hands on.

Need a little inspiration to give your style an extra boost? Want to stay warm and not look like a giant marshmallow drowning in all the layers?

No worries! We’re here to help.

1. Faux Fur & Leather Leggings

Faux FurImage via Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Worried that you can’t look stylish in the winter? Well, we’re here to prove you wrong with this super trendy, ultra-chic combo.

Not only do we love this combo because that fur jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm, but we also love that this combo automatically (and effortlessly!) adds a style element reserved for only the most trendy of women.

If you consider yourself part of the fashion elite, it’s time to step up your winter wardrobe and get this chic look into your life ASAP.

(Oh, and to really pull this look together, don’t forget to pick up your own pair of over-the knee boots)

2. A Statement-Making Coat

Statement-Making CoatImage via Love Taza

When you’ve got a statement-making coat, it doesn’t matter what you add to it, it’s guaranteed to look great! This is why we always recommend investing in one if you’re looking to add some fashionable flair to your winter wardrobe.

Perhaps in an eye-popping color, or one with some unique details, like faux fur lining? Or even just keeping your eyes open for a neutral coat that is made well, with a flattering silhouette, can really boost your winter style.

Stay warm this winter, but also fashionable with a coat you absolutely love. It makes all the difference.

Plus hey, cute hats, gloves, and scarves are never a bad idea in our books either.

3. A Beret (or beanie) + Classic Sweater

BeretImage via M Loves M

Speaking of hats, if you’ve always thought a hat had to be something you only wear when it snows, it’s time to change that idea.

There’s no combo more classic than a cute hat and a sweater. It completely changes up your look and gives it a punch of style, which we’re all about.

In particular, we love a hat that is done in a traditional winter color, like maroon or midnight blue. You can also look for something in a crushed velvet or suede to really add that element of winter style.

Do you have your new go-to hat yet?

4. A Holiday Sweater + High Waisted Denim

Holiday SweaterImage via Sassy Red Lipstick

There’s nothing that screams cozy, casual winter style more than a holiday sweater, and if you’re someone who celebrates the holidays, we highly recommend investing.

You don’t have to go for the traditional “ugly” Christmas sweater. There are plenty of playful styles out there that have the perfect balance of quirky, but also trendy.

Pair it some high waisted denim for that relaxed, casual look, and we’ve got a feeling this might be a pairing you come back to time and time again.

5. A Midi Skirt + Knit Sweater

Midi SkirtImage via The Anna Edit

We love the look of pairing something more classy and sophisticated, with something that might be considered more casual. In particular, a midi skirt, with a knit sweater, and some booties is one of our favorite combos.

Not only is the look perfect for the style conscious, but it’s also comfortable and oh-so-chic so that no matter what is on your schedule, you always look great.

Seek out unique details, like the satin material and snakeskin booties as shown above, and we’ve got a feeling this could quickly become your go-to winter look.

6. Velvet & Plaid

Velvet & PlaidImage via Wendy’s Lookbook

Want to really elevate your look for winter?

We couldn’t resist throwing in this little combo, because when you’re looking for something ultra chic, nothing is better than some texture and pattern. Plus hey, when you can do it by rocking a full velvet suit in a stunning maroon shade, we’re all for it.

Let this mixture of velvet and plaid inspire your winter wardrobe.

We hope we proved to you that dressing for the winter doesn’t have to be boring or basic.

In fact, dressing for the cold weather can be one of the most exciting times in fashion. You get to layer, play with fabrics, and there’s no better time to throw in some extra sparkle, shine, and glamor.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out some of these winter combos for your most stylish season yet.

image courtesy of Petite in Paris

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