7 Winter Getaways that Aren’t Full of Tourists

By January 29, 2019Travel, Winter
Winter Getaways

We get it: depending on where you live in the world, the harsh winter can be brutal. Between the blistering cold, piles of snow, and lack of sun, your body starts to crave a vacation.

And so, today, we wanted to chat about winter getaways to help you get your fill of vitamin D.

Because hey, whether you’re dealing with frigid temperatures or not, it’s always nice to get away to somewhere relaxing, warm, and not full of tourists.

Do you fit into this group? If you’re nodding your head, here are our best recommendations for winter getaways that aren’t full of tourists:

1) Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South CarolinaImage via Trust Holiday

If you’re looking to stay in the U.S., but still want to go somewhere that’s fairly warm even in the winter, we highly recommend taking a trip to Charleston. While you won’t find sunny beaches in Charleston, you will have the perfect opportunity to slow down, relax, and take in the dreamy scenery surrounding you. Historic, romantic, and the perfect getaway for a weekend, Charleston is calling your name.

2) Turks and Caicos

Turks and CaicosImage via Turks and Caicos Tourism

Having said that, if you are someone who dreams of white sand beaches, Turks and Caicos is the spot for you. Known for their luxury resorts, Turks and Caicos is a stress-free vacation that will you have in a bathing suit most days. Plus, because the country has such long stretches of beaches, it’s relatively easy to escape the tourists if that’s what you’re looking for. In particular, we suggest checking out the Amanyara for a more remote location that will make your vacation seem like less of a typical tourist retreat.

3) Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, UtahImage via Discover Moab

If you crave adventure and gorgeous scenery, then Utah is right up your alley. While you won’t completely escape winter in Utah, if you go to Zion National Park, for example, you will likely experience slightly mild temperatures. Plus, the gorgeous scenery will likely have you wanting to be outside regardless. Trust us, this is a highly underrated trip that all adventure seekers should take ASAP.

4) Bermuda

BermudaImage via CNN

Again, while it’s difficult to escape tourism altogether, Bermuda is often an overlooked Carribean destination that we definitely think is worth checking out. Not to mention, the flights and hotel deals to Bermuda are often very affordable. For warm weather, fun in the sun, and an affordable vacation that you’re bound to remember for a lifetime, Bermuda needs to be on your radar.

5) Costa Rica

Costa RicaImage via Costa Rica

Full of lush green rainforests, this is a family-friendly winter destination that we highly recommend everyone experience at least once in their lives. In particular, Lapa Rios is a luxury resort destination that has sixteen bungalows that will allow you to experience hikes, swimming under waterfalls, and delicious Costa Rican cuisine.

6) Kauai, Hawaii

HawaiiImage via Go Kauai

Raise your hand if you want to experience Hawaii? Oh, we see those hands in the air, because yup, we know Hawaii is an extremely popular tourist destination. However, if you’d like to go but you want to avoid the crowds, while still experiencing this warm weather destination, we suggest checking out Kauai. Less overrun by large crowds, you’ll find breathtaking beaches, snorkeling, and hikes. Not to mention, you’ll find hotels that suit all budgets. Check out Kauai for a trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

7) Mont Tremblant, Canada

Image via Tremblant

While we’ve mostly been focusing on warm weather destinations, if you already live in a warm climate and you want to experience a traditional winter experience, we can’t say enough good things about Mont Tremblant, Canada. While you’ll still experience some crowds at this popular ski destination, the crowds tend to be less busy than Aspen, for example. Plus, you can great flight details. Really, if you love skiing, there’s no reason not to check out Mont Tremblant.

So, which winter getaway will you be taking this year? Let us know in the comments below.

image courtesy of travelexcellence.com

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