8 Cold Weather Activities

By December 11, 2018Lifestyle, Winter
8 Cold Weather Activities

Brrr, baby, it’s cold outside. Or, at least for some of us it is!

And that’s why today we wanted to bring you this fun list of things you can do when it’s too cold to go outside.

Because sure, we all love the idea of building a snowman, and the first snowfall can seem like a dream, but eventually, the magic fades and you’re just left with frozen toes and wind burnt cheeks.

Not ideal.

If you’re tired of the cold, and you’re looking for some things to do when the temperatures dip below freezing, try out this list of fun indoor winter activities.

Throw on a movie, and grab some hot chocolate

Throw on a movieImage via Quora

Sure, watching a movie might not be the most revolutionary idea for an indoor activity, but when you make a night out of it, the movie is always that much better.

So, instead of just settling for some random movie on Netflix, and plopping yourself down onto the couch, grab some friends or family members, pick a movie ahead of time so you can get excited about it, snuggle up with cozy blankets, and wear your most comfortable sweaters and knits

Oh! And don’t forget the hot chocolate. There’s nothing that will make you feel less resentful towards winter than a warm mug of hot chocolate.

And hey, if you’re feeling extra crabby about the cold weather, don’t forget to throw in a handful of marshmallows to give you all the good winter feels.

Play a board game

Play a Board GameImage via Bustle

In the winter, when we’re stuck inside, many of us tend to spend more time looking at screens. Whether it be the TV, the computer, or the phone, all that screen time can really start to bring us down, which is why a board game is always a great idea!

Pick one that really excites you. Don’t settle for one simply because it’s the only one you have in your house. In fact, plan a whole board game night, where you invite people over and everyone brings a board game! This way, you’re not stuck playing something you’ve played many times before, and you get to interact with friends.

Trust us, isolating yourself and seeing the same people every day does absolutely nothing for curing your winter blues.

Read a book

Read a bookImage via Career Girl Daily

But hey, maybe you just need some alone time. There’s nothing wrong with that!

If this is you, there’s no better winter activity than curling up on the couch and reading a good book. Go for an old classic you love, or buy yourself something fresh and new to keep your mind stimulated. Either way, when you really take the time to relax and enjoy a book, it does wonders for relaxing you.

Plus, if you do want to make reading a social experience, you can always join a book club to discuss the book and get together with other people. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Cook a delicious meal

CookImage via Real Simple

Hearty winter foods, like stews and pasta, are some of our favorites over here, which is why we always recommend whipping up a yummy meal as a fun winter activity.

It’s relaxing, creative, and, not to mention, when you’re cooking just for fun rather than out of necessity, you can take your time with it and really enjoy the entire process.

So go ahead, pour yourself a glance of wine, put on some music, and heat up the oven. You’ve got something delicious to make!

Online shopping cures everything

Online ShoppingImage via @alabasterfox

Not to be too much of an enabler when it comes to your love for online shopping, but we’ve also found that online shopping can really be a wonderful late night activity when it’s too cold to go outside.

In particular, we love online shopping because it gives us the chance to comparison shop, and really think through our decisions before purchasing.

Just be sure to not get too carried away with your online shopping. We wouldn’t want the cold winter weather to bankrupt you.

Get crafty/start a hobby

CraftsImage via A Beautiful Mess

If you’re somebody who doesn’t enjoy crafts, you can simply skip this little suggestion. On the other hand, though, if you were always the crafty kid in school, we think you’ll love getting wrapped up in a fun craft on a cold night.

And no, when we say “craft” we’re not talking about the basic craft you might have done as a child. We’re talking about real learning and flexing your creative muscles by painting, crocheting, knitting, or even making jewelry.

These days, there are so many free resources out there that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do some of your favorite crafts, so that even if you’re not particularly crafty, you’ll still find some enjoyment in this idea.

Start a blog

Start bloggingImage via Jenna Kutcher

Having said that, there are some people who might be full of creativity but have a hard time expressing it with arts and crafts.

If this is you, you might want to consider starting a blog.

You can really blog about anything you’re passionate about, and it’s an awesome way to meet fellow bloggers who have the same passions as you. Plus hey, you’ll learn some new skills, and you never know where your new little project might lead.

Host a wine and cheese night/potluck

Wine & CheeseImage via Tablespoon

When the weather is cold, there’s just something more appealing about having people over, rather than a night on the town.

You still get to socialize, but rather than bundling up and heading out to a bar or restaurant, everyone can gather in the comfort of a home.

Pour some mulled wine, ask everyone to bring a simple dash, light a candle, and don’t forget to give your home all the cozy touches to make your guests feel welcomed.

Trust us, when you plan a night like this, you might start to wonder why you ever left the house at all.

See, just because the temperatures have dipped doesn’t mean life has to become all doom and gloom. In fact, the cold winter weather can be one of the best times for reconnecting with hobbies you’re passionate about, and seeing friends you might otherwise not see.

So go ahead, gather around the fireplace and enjoy a cozy night at home. When the weather is this cold, there’s no guilt.

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