8 Festive Holiday Destinations

Festive Holiday Destinations

If you’re a big fan of all things merry and bright, we’ve got no doubt that a holiday destination is a perfect vacation for you.

And no, we’re not talking about jet-setting off to the Caribbean, or booking a cruise to all your favorite island destinations.

We’re talking about a holiday destination that is the embodiment of all things Christmas: cold weather, snow, crackling fires, decorations, hot chocolate, and no shortage of festive events.

Does this sound like your cup of tea?

Listen up, because you’re about to be hit with a list of holiday destinations that will have you booking your next vacation ASAP.

1. New York City


New York CityImage via NBC New York

There’s a good reason why it feels like all your favorite Christmas movies take place in New York.

It’s because New York is a city that knows how to bring the festive flair!

With twinkling lights lining every corner, the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree, ice skating, and plenty of shopping and holiday markets to hit up, New York is an easy choice for a holiday destination.

2. Nuremberg, Germany Nuremberg Germany

Image via The Telegraph

If you have extra vacation saved up, and you’re willing to hop across the ocean for some Christmas spirit in your life, we highly recommend Nuremberg, Germany.

Why Germany, you might be wondering?

Well, if you’ve ever heard people chat about how amazing a European Christmas market can be, they were likely referencing the Nuremberg Christmas market.

Bringing in 2 million visitors each year, this Christmas market is not your average Christmas market. All of the toys in this market are always handmade and unique. In addition, there’s plenty of attractions for both children and adults alike.

In particular, we highly recommend trying out their mulled wine for a drink to keep you toasty warm as you enjoy all the unique vendors.

Trust us, this market is worth the trip.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Hawaii

Image via Go Travel Hawaii

Okay, you might not get your cold weather and snow when hitting up Hawaii for the holidays, but what they lack in snow, they more than make up for in festive flair.

Not to mention, if you’re someone who loves Christmas, but isn’t a fan of all the blistering cold, you can’t do much better than a Hawaiian Christmas vacation.

4. Quebec City, Canada

 Quebec City Canada

Image via Huffington Post

With a distinctly European flavor to it, the look and feel of Quebec City will likely be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

You’ll discover Quebec’s unique French-Canadian culture, plenty of skiing opportunities, and even a stunning holiday market that won’t have you travelling all the way to Europe.

Book yourself a ticket to Canada, and trust us, you won’t forget this unique experience.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, IcelandImage via Guide to Iceland

For a cozy Christmas experience, Iceland is the spot to hit up.

While some of the Christmas traditions in Iceland might be a little different than what we’re used to here in North America, for a cultural experience that makes an impression, we highly recommend Iceland.

You’ll have the chance to see the Northern Lights, and you’ll be able to get some use out of all your cozy knit sweaters in this chilly country.

Plus hey, you should be able to find some relatively cheap flights to Iceland, so don’t dismiss this trip just because it’s outside of North America. Reykjavik could be the holiday vacation you’ve been waiting for.

6. Lapland, Finland

Lapland FinlandImage via Tourism on The Edge

Covered in snow and plenty of Yuletide spirit, we can’t say enough good things about Lapland, especially if you’re someone who’s itching for some snow in her life.

Each year, in December, Lapland gets plenty of snow, offering reindeer carriage rides and family-friendly skiing. You won’t run out of festive activities to do in Lapland, that’s for certain.

7. London, England


London EnglandImage via Visit London

Whether it be too many times watching movies like, “The Holiday” or not, there’s just something about London that screams Christmas to us.

Holiday markets, mulled wine, a winter wonderland in Hyde Park, and holiday shopping on Oxford Street, in London, you’ll get that same New York Christmas feeling, but you’ll get it with some European flavor and British accents.

Not a bad deal, we’d day. Who’s with us?

8. Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen DenmarkImage via Family Traveller

Ever heard of hygee? This is the term for the idea that being cozy is what makes people feel happier, and it’s a concept that comes straight out of Denmark.

We’re sure you can already see where this is going…

Have the ultimate cozy Christmas by hitting up Denmark this holiday season. With no shortage of festivities and events going on with that Christmas feel, you’re going to wish every day could be like Denmark during the holiday season!

So which of these holiday destinations are you itching to travel to?

Really, there are no bad options on this list. Head to the beaches of Hawaii if the idea of snow makes your toes curl; book a flight to Quebec if you’d like to stay in North America, but want to experience a unique culture; and don’t forget about all the amazing European Christmas markets going on across the ocean.

Whichever destination you choose, we have no doubts you’ll get a healthy dose of holiday spirit.

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