8 Spring Shoe Trends To Try in 2019

2019 Shoe Trends

Here at An Unlikely Pear, we like to explore all areas of fashion. From fall fashion trends, to trendy outfits to wear on date night, and even what to wear to a winter wedding, we’ve always got style tips, tricks, and hacks coming at you. Having said that, though, if there’s one area of fashion that we like to stay up-to-date with more than anything else, it is most definitely shoe trends.

Heels, sandals, booties, and everything in-between, shoes are our first love, and that’s why, today, with the seasons changing, we wanted to give you the scoop on the latest spring shoe trends.

Trust us, pay attention to these 2019 spring shoe trends, and your style will go from average to trendy with just a quick change of shoes.

Let’s dive in!

1. Feathers

Yes, you read that correctly: for Spring 2019, designers are going wild for feathers, and we’re absolutely loving it. Whether it’s a slight feather detail on the top of the shoe or a more dramatic heel with feathers boldly coming off the heel, this is a shoe trend that everyone should get in on ASAP.

2. Embroidery

Image via Lulus

Love a good detail but want something a little less dramatic than feathers? In this case, we highly recommend scooping up some embroidery style shoes. The color and pattern detail on these babies automatically adds a style edge to any outfit. Not to mention, embroidery has that feminine feel that we all know and love, combined with a sophisticated and chic aesthetic. Get in on the embroidery shoe trend, and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without a pair in the first place.

3. Buckles

Image via Nordstrom

It’s time to buckle up because, for Spring 2019, buckles are all the range in footwear. Whether it be a sexy pair of stilettos or even a simple pair of flats, shoe designers are adding buckles anywhere and everywhere that they can. So go ahead, give your footwear an edge with some trendy buckles.

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4. Nautical-Inspired

While some of the above trends might seem a little dramatic for spring, this trend is going to have all you spring lovers excited. Nautical vibes are always spring appropriate. Whether it be blue and white stripes, or rope detailing, we love a good nautical detail on a shoe for that easy-going, fresh, springtime feel.

5. Sea-Inspired

Image via ShopStyle

If you love the nautical trend, but you want to take it up a couple notches, we highly recommend getting in on the sea-inspired shoe trend. With everything from starfish pendants, to seashell ankle straps, this is one of those trends that might seem a little tanky on paper, but once you see it in action, we’ve got a strong suspicion you’ll be looking for your own sea-inspired footwear.

6. Bold Prints

Bold Prints
Shop via An Unlikely Pear

Say goodbye to your standard black and brown leather, and say hello to more bold prints in your footwear collection. With everything from full floral patterns, to paisley, and psychedelic styles, this is one of those trends that’s perfect for adding a punch of color to a more neutral outfit. Let your footwear be the star of the show with a boldly-printed shoe.

7. Logos

Image via Who What Wear

You may have noticed that logos are really making a splash in recent seasons. From t-shirts to handbags, and even pants and dresses, logo-mania isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And yes, that most definitely applies to footwear as well. Show off your love for your favorite brand by rocking a pair of shoes, in your preferred style, with the logo prominently displayed.

8. Orange

Image via Glamour

And lastly, if you’re looking for a shoe color that’s making a statement this season, it’s all about orange. Bold, eye-popping, and something a little different, we’re absolutely loving the use of orange in footwear. But hey, if orange is a little too dramatic for you, and you’d like to tone it down with something more feminine, with Living Coral being the Pantone Color of The Year for 2019, coral footwear is another great option for spring.

And there you have it: all the top Spring 2019 shoe trends of the season. Which of these shoe trends will you be sporting this season?

image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

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