A Gift Guide for the Shoe Addict

A Gift Guide for the Shoe Addict

If you know anything about An Unlikely Pear, you probably already know that we’re absolutely shoe obsessed. Whether it be trendy boots for the cold weather, or stylish slides for those warm, spring days, we love all shoes equally.

And so, if you have someone in your life who is just as shoe obsessed as we are, we think you’ll find this little gift guide quite handy.

Who’s ready for gifts that will bring a smile to the face of the shoe fanatic in your life? Let’s dive in!

A new pair of gorgeous shoes

A New Pair of ShoesLet’s start with an obvious option, shall we?

If you have someone in your life with an impressive shoe collection, there’s no gift she’ll love more than a pair of shoes.

In particular, we suggest getting her something on the more trendy side of the shoe spectrum or something that she might not be able to justify spending money on herself, but that she’ll love.

For example, studded menswear-inspired shoes were super trendy this season. In addition, we love a bold pair of shoes done in a pattern like this cheetah print bootie or an eye-popping red for the holidays.

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These are all shoes that might not be as wearable as the standard black boot, but they’re all styles that we just know the shoe fanatic is going to absolutely love.

But hey, if you’ve heard your shoe fanatic lusting after a standard pair of black boots, go with those! You know your loved one best.

Get her the shoes of her dreams, and we have no doubts that you’ll be lighting her up in the best possible way.

Organization solutions for her shoe closet

OrganizationImage via Brighton The Day

Trust us, while organization solutions might not seem like the most glamorous gift, women love organized closets, and that includes their shoes, especially for the shoe fanatic. Their shoes are some of their most beloved fashion items, after all. She wants to ensure she’s not just throwing all her shoes into a pile. Instead, she wants to protect them, and keep all her pairs together for easy access.

If you really want to make her heart melt this holiday season, buy her an entirely new closet set-up with storage solutions from a store like Ikea. There are so many closet organization solutions available these days. Don’t let budget or a small closet space stop you from helping her build her dream closet.

You’ll thank us for this recommendation.

A shoe related coffee table book

Coffee Table BookImage via The Zoe Report

Yes, there are many shoe-related coffee table books available, and if she’s truly a shoe fanatic, she’s absolutely going to love this gift idea.

She’ll enjoy browsing through the beautiful glossy pages of gorgeous shoes. Not to mention, most of these coffee table books are beautiful themselves, meaning she can display her coffee table book in her home as an accent to whatever room she wants.

A home decor gift that satisfies her love for shoes? Sounds like a pretty great gift idea for the shoe lover to us!

Shoe stocking stuffers

Stocking StufferImage via Cafepress

Whether it be a phone case with a shoe-related pattern, shoe shaped chocolate candies or even a shoe-related keychain, there are so many great shoe related stocking stuffers that we just know she’ll love.

These aren’t overly pricey shoe gifts, but they’re gifts that will make her smile nonetheless. Shoe related stocking stuffers are an easy choice.

Shoe Glassware

Shoe GlasswareImage via Your Next Shoes

Yes, you read that correctly.

You can get glassware that is shaped like a shoe. Whether it be a wine glass, a beer mug, or even a coffee mug that proclaims her love for her shoes, this is a gift that’s bound to bring a smile to her face.

It’s an easy gift to pick up, and it’s one that any shoe lover will instantly appreciate it.

Shoe accessories

Shoe AccessoriesImage via ASOS

Maybe you have a shoe fanatic in your life who loves herself some high heels, but she struggles with wearing heels for long periods of time.

Maybe some comfortable insoles would make her day?

Or maybe she would love some socks that she can wear with her favorite ballet flats?

You can even pick her up some shoe shine polish, or a protective spray to keep her leather looking its absolute best.

Really, anything that keeps her shoes in tip-top shape, while ensuring she can wear them with total confidence, will make a great gift for the shoe fanatic.

So, what will you be picking up for the shoe fanatic in your life?

We highly recommend browsing through our entire shoe collection to find a pair of shoes that she’ll love. We always have the most on-trend styles available, so you’re almost guaranteed to find something that she’ll fall head over heels in love with.

And hey, throw in some of the smaller gift items mentioned above, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll be winning some major points with the shoe fanatic in your life.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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