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Beach Sandals

As a stylish woman with a passion for all things fashion, we know you understand that it’s almost impossible to have too many shoes. You of course need various shoes for all different occasions. Your shoes are what carry you through your day, after all. You want to ensure the pair you’re wearing makes you look and feel great. That’s why it’s so essential that you consistently take stock of your shoe collection, and decide what styles you need to ensure you have the proper shoes to suit any occasion – including the right beach sandal.

With all this summertime sunshine, there’s no doubt you’re looking to get some quality beach time in, which is why today we’re going to be talking specifically about proper beach shoes. At the beach, there are a few key types of shoes you’re going to want to avoid. Let’s dig in with our three biggest criteria for your beach shoes:

Go with flat shoes

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When it comes time to hit the beach, you’re going to want to put the heels and wedges away, and instead opt for flat shoes. We know you love your favorite heels, and yes, they probably would look fantastic with that sundress you just purchased. The only problem? You’ll likely find yourself stumbling about the beach as those heels sink right into the sand. If you really can’t go without something that gives you height, opt for a wedge. It’s still not the most practical option, but it will keep you from sinking into the sand.

No buckles, ties or clips

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No debate here, when you’re at the beach, you’re going to find yourself constantly slipping your shoes on and off. You want to find sandals that you can kick right off, so that you’re able to get in the water at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to get left behind because you were fiddling with your shoes, now do you? Not to mention, you may find yourself soaking in the rays one second, and then hitting up the boardwalk the next; make the transition easy on yourself with shoes that won’t hold you up. And hey, if you really can’t imagine yourself in a basic slip on, look for a shoe with one simple buckle, like our True Grit sandal. This way at least you won’t have to do too much fiddling to get your shoes on.

True Grit SandalAlso, for fashionable ladies like yourself, we know a basic flip flop is just not going to cut it, which is why we suggest looking for some slip ons with extra embellishment. Pompoms or tassels will make for a great sandal embellishment this summer (certainly you’ve noticed how popular the trend is currently). You can also look for sandals in bright colors, or even a pair that matches your swimsuit. Trust us, just because you’re wearing a flat shoe with no buckles, ties, or clips, does not mean your shoe has to be a basic, boring flip flop. You can experiment with color and embellishment here, which makes the shoe shopping experience that much more exciting. How great would our Olivia sandal look paired with a bright, tropical swimsuit? Pretty ideal, we’d say.

Olivia SandalNothing too fancy, designer, or sentimental

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Again, we know your inclination is to wear all your best shoes, all the time, but when you’re frolicking on the beach, it’s simply not practical. Your shoes are going to get sandy, you’ll likely be leaving them unattended while you take a dip in the water, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they took a real beating from all your beach day activities. All that being said, definitely look for a pair of beach shoes that you love and suit your own personal style, but just don’t spend a fortune on them. If those Kate Spade sandals are calling your name, save them for another occasion. Trust us, when your favorite designer sandals are dirty, broken, or stolen, you’re going to be questioning why you ever brought them to the beach in the first place.

Basically, your shoes for the beach come down to three main criteria:

  • Flat,
  • Easily slip on and off, and
  • Stylish, but not expensive

Once you’re able to satisfy all those criteria, the fun part kicks in when you get to look for the pair that fits your style and personality. Lucky for you, at Unlikely Pear we have plenty of style options that fit all three criteria.

For options, check out our shop. Happy shopping, ladies!

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