Cocktails and Clothing

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Cocktails & Clothing

We’re happy to report that the spring season is in full bloom! So with that little piece of happy news in mind, it’s time to add a little more spring flair to your life. Who’s in?

So far, we’ve talked about Easter style, some of our favorite spring patterns, throwing a spring fling, and of course, our favorite spring shoe trends.

So what other area is left to inject some cheery spring vibes into? Oh ladies, do we have a treat for you!

Today we’re doing things a little differently. We’re going to chat about our favorite topic, fashion, but we’re adding a twist.

A twist of your favorite liquor, that is! Yup, today we’re going to be matching your spring style to your spring cocktail for the ultimate pairing.

Who’s ready for a spring full of pretty dresses and sparkling cocktails? Let’s get into this!

Sweet like Sugar

Sweet Like SugarImage via Pinterest

When it comes to spring style, the season is known for delivering all the feminine detailing. Whether it be lace, ruffles, gingham, pastel pink, or florals, if you’re drawn to all those pretty little details, you’ll likely find a sweet drink to be your perfect cocktail pairing. A strawberry daiquiri perhaps? Or maybe a glass of rose with fresh berries is more suited to your taste buds? Either way, get yourself a pretty pink cocktail that has the perfect dash of sugar, throw on your favorite floral dress, and you’ll have completed the perfect spring pairing that’s just as sweet as you. Mission accomplished.

Keepin’ It Fresh

Keepin' It FreshImage via Pinterest

As much as spring is all about feminine detailing, it’s also all about simplifying your wardrobe with some fresh styles. Think ivory, light wash denim, clean lines, and premium cotton. If you’re drawn to minimalism like this, you’ll likely do well with a drink that’s nice and light, with a dash of freshness. Something like the classic mojito or a mint julep is just calling your name. Get yourself one of these babies at your next spring fling, throw on your white linen pants, with a lightweight knit, and your drink will perfectly match your excellent spring wardrobe. Guaranteed.

Romantic Vibes

Romantic VibesImage via Chic Wish

 Another spring style staple is romanticism, so things like flowing maxi dresses, belle sleeves, and plenty of romantic draping. Essentially, romantic styles tend to be best suited for those who are drawn to bohemian fashion. If you fall into this camp, you’ll want to keep your cocktail in the same realm. A cocktail that has a lot of natural and organic ingredients will be perfect for your romantic, spring style. A cucumber gimlet, a Caesar, or a berry martini are all great options. Just remember, with your romantic style, never be afraid to add the garnish for that extra detailing. It’s those natural garnishes that will take your cocktail from standard, to perfectly tailored to your taste.

Sunshine Filled

Sunshine FilledImage via Pinterest

And of course, we can’t talk about spring without talking about the reemergence of Mr. Sun. If you’re someone with a sunny disposition who is drawn to bright colors and eclectic or quirky style, a tropical based cocktail is going to match your sunshine filled style perfectly. While it may not be summer just yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a delicious mimosa or the classic screwdriver. Orange juice-based drinks are your best friend when you’re someone who enjoys bright and colorful spring fashion.

Dark and Twisty

Dark & TwistyImage via Pinterest

And last but not least, we know not everyone is drawn to spring style in the traditional sense. While spring style might be more classically associated with lightness and femininity, you can also add an edge to your spring style. If you’re someone who tends to shy away from the traditional styles, a spring cocktail is still within each because just as you can adapt your style choices to suit your fashion preferences, you can do the same with your cocktail choice. A red wine sangria never fails for spring, but by opting for red wine instead of white, you’re still keeping the base a little darker and moodier. See what we’re doing here? The cocktail still has that spring flair, but you’re putting your own spin on it. Stay true to your style, and you’re golden. Always.

Really, finding your perfect spring style and cocktail pairing is all about keeping your style preferences in mind when ordering your cocktails. When you bring together these two preferences, you end up with a match made in heaven.

So tell us: which cocktail recipes will you be experimenting with this spring?

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