Coordinating Outfits with Your Significant Other

By January 30, 2018Fashion, Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we figured it was about time we start pumping some love into your veins. And no, just because we want to chat all things pink, pretty, and heart-shaped, does not mean you need to start pulling out any cheesy, generic, Valentine’s Day outfits. Instead, when it comes to really putting your love on display this Valentine’s Day, we highly recommend you start implementing some coordinating outfits into your life. We’ll share with you what coordinating outfits are, how you can wear them, and why they’ll help you feel even closer to your significant other.

You ready to get your love on? Let’s dive right on in!

First things first, what are coordinating outfits?

When it comes to the idea of coordinating outfits, there tends to be some confusion surrounding the subject. Before we go any further, we have to make it clear that there is an extreme difference between a coordinating outfit and a matching outfit. A matching outfit is when everything from your top to your shoes is completely the same as your significant other. He’s wearing a black top? Then so are you! He has on a pair of sneakers? Then you better believe you do too!

Not exactly our idea of the ideal outfit…

So, as an alternative, we have the concept of coordinating outfits. With coordinating outfits, the idea isn’t so much to match exactly from head to toe. Instead, it’s to ensure that your outfits look good together when paired side-by-side. They don’t have to be the same color. You don’t even have to wear the same style of clothing necessarily. What you do have to do is put your outfits together, and decide if they look cohesive or give off the same feeling.

Couple Holding HandsImage via Brit + Co

How then do you decide if a coordinating outfit is cohesive? Let’s discuss!

When coordinating your outfit, your main goal should be to stay as far away from matching as possible. If it’s your first time coordinating, you’ll likely want to try coordinating colors due to ease; however, when coordinating with color, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of matching.

Instead, try coordinating through your style. If your husband is wearing a cozy, flannel top with jeans, why don’t you try a cable knit turtleneck and jeans? The jeans don’t have to be the same wash, by any means, but what we’re doing here is creating a vibe that is similar. Both a flannel top and a turtleneck give off a very cozy winter feeling. Coordination achieved. 

Couple HuggingImage via Style Me Pretty

Alternatively, if it’s a warmer month, have your husband wearing a solid bright blue top, while you’re in a pretty floral dress. With him in a solid color, your patterned dress won’t clash, and it will give the overall look a nice summery feeling. Also, in this case, if you do feel comfortable coordinating through color, look for a dress that has a slight hint of the color your husband is wearing. This will allow you to play with color without getting to the point where your flat out matching. The below image demonstrates perfectly how to coordinate through color without matching.

Couple OutdoorsImage via Pinterest

You can also try looking for colors that play off each other. So, for example, if you’re wearing something that’s a pretty dusty pink, maybe he could wear a softer color as well, so you’re in the same family of colors, but not wearing the same color. See how we’re using color to coordinate, but we’re not intentionally trying to match it? That’s the fine balance you have to try to walk when coordinating your outfits.

Why should you coordinate?

When it comes to coordinating, a lot of people refrain from the idea simply because they assume it’s going to look generic and cheesy. Having said that, if you just read through our descriptions above, you’ll be well aware that coordinating outfits do not have to be cheesy. Not at all.

Couple SnugglingImage via Deer Pearl Flowers

Beyond just creating a cohesive, fashion-forward look with your partner, what coordinating outfits will also help establish is a closer bond for you as a couple. Because yes, while there are things like physical touch and emotional connection that create that feeling of closeness with your partner, coordinating outfits can do the same. They can make you and your partner feel like one, like a team or a unit. When people see you out together, they’re not going to think you’re a cheesy couple who dresses the same; instead, they’re going to see a strong power couple that looks stylish and clearly puts effort into their appearance.

Wouldn’t you like that to be you?

Of course, you would, and that’s why it’s time to jump on board the coordinating train. Trust us, just a simple check in with your significant other to see what they plan to wear can mean all the difference between looking like a strong couple, and looking like two people who just met.

Which couple do you want to be?

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