How The Modern Woman Can Wear The Cow Print Trend

By October 9, 2019Fashion, Trends
Cow print trend

When it comes to wearing cow print, it’s not always the most approachable of prints.

Between looking like you just hopped out of a country-western film, or feeling like you’re about to head out trick or treating with the kids, nailing cow print is a tough balancing act.

Never fear, though, this print is totally doable if you pick the right pieces and style them appropriately.

And so, with that in mind, we’ve got 6 styling tips to share if you want to rock the cow print trend, so grab a cup of tea and get ready to be inspired.

1. Try Feminine Silhouettes

Feminine Silhouettes
Image via Ferbena

Because cow print has such a strong association with country-western style, it can oftentimes feel like a somewhat masculine print.

If you’ve ever thought this, we would highly recommend trying this print in a feminine silhouette, like a mini skirt, for example. Anything boxy or tailored will likely be too structured for your more feminine sense of style.

And hey, if you’re already certain that cow print is not for you, check out this article about how to wear the equally-popular snakeskin print.

2. Work In Your Footwear

Work In your footwear
Image via Missguided

Always our favorite way to try out a trend, we’re all about incorporating cow print into your footwear.

As the perfect statement-making piece, you can easily add these babies to any outfit that needs a little extra shot of style.

3. Add Modern Elements

Add Modern Elements
Image via Telegraph

Again, that country-western aesthetic can make cow print feel a little nostalgic, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If this is you, style your cow print with modern accessories, like gold chains, sleek silhouettes, luxe fabrics, or rock a contemporary all-white outfit, as shown in the image above.

Those added details will go a long way to getting you a modern look.

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4. Pick One Standout Piece

Pick One Standout Piece
Image via ASOS

Let’s be honest, cow print can be a bit of a bold print for a lot of people. If you’re not so certain about cow print, and you want to take it slow, simply pick one piece to wear in cow print, like a pretty blouse, for example.

Trust us, you don’t have to go crazy with an all-over cow print to get the full effect. In fact, we suggest you don’t.

5. Find Flattering Silhouettes You Love

Flattering Silhouettes
Image via Brunette From Wall Street

When it comes to trying a new print, the biggest key to successfully loving the new trend is to pay attention to fit.

If you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering to your body shape, it doesn’t matter what the trend is, you’re not going to like it.

Find fits and silhouettes that flatter your natural form, and you’re much more likely to enjoy your new cow print piece.

6. Try Removable Pieces

Removable Pieces

And lastly, a cow print piece doesn’t have to be something you wear all day. In particular, we love a good cow print coat.

Not only is this option great for easy removal, but it also brings some good style to your outerwear collection. Not a bad deal in our books.

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So, what are you waiting for? Scoop up some cow print into your wardrobe, and watch as you fall in love with this up-and-coming, on-trend animal print.

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