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If the idea of a new school year brings you complete dread, never fear, there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel. Because yes, while the back to school season might mean fresh notebooks, early mornings, and late nights studying, it also means you have the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. Boots, cozy sweaters, and oversized blanket scarves: your options are endless! Here are five back to school college trends that you’re absolutely going to want to embrace this school year.

Distressed Everything

Distressed ClothingImage via Chicnico

If you’re distressed about the beginning of the school year, we absolutely have the trend that will perfectly match your feelings: distressed clothing in pretty much every form. We’re talking distressed denim, distressed t-shirts, even distressed jackets. Basically, if it can be ripped, it should be. It’s that popular. Due to cooler temperatures, it might be a trend you can only wear for a couple weeks of the fall, but it’s still undoubtedly a trend that is taking the fashion world by storm. Embrace it.

Athleisure Is Here To Stay

AthleisureImage via Seventeen

Yes, you can totally dress comfortably for that lecture you’ve been dreading, but still look right on trend. We’ve seen the athleisure trend really pick up steam in recent months. Fashionable track pants, trendy sneakers, and even leggings are right on trend for this season. Try adding pops of color with a statement necklace. Or, for those who really want to up their fashion game, add our favorite leopard print sneakers.

Overalls Are In!

OverallsImage via Seventeen

We’ve all been there. You have an important paper due, or a big exam to take, and somehow you end up sleeping in just a little too late. It happens to the best of us, but even still, nobody likes to be that girl showing up to class late and looking like she just rolled out of bed. It’s time to embrace ‘80s overalls! While overalls might be a little scary at first thought, once you start realizing the power of being able to slip into overalls that are quick, easy, and will keep you warm on a cool day, you’re going to see overalls in a whole new light.

Graphic Tees

Graphic TeesImage via Etsy

If it isn’t already obvious, we’re big fans of keeping it casual and comfortable for your days on campus. There’s nothing worse than sitting through a lecture and being uncomfortable in your clothing. Been there, done that. This is why we love graphic tees for college life. While graphic tees never really go out of style, for Fall 2017, they’re being seen a whole new light. Even major fashion brands like Celine sent models down the runway in trendy graphic tees. So yes, it’s true: you can simply wear a graphic tee to class and embrace your inner Gigi Hadid while strutting around your college campus.

Millennial Pink! Yes Please!

Millennial PinkImage via Aww Outfit

Chances are, if you’re in college, you’re probably a millennial, so why not embrace a color that was made for you? Millennial pink is probably one of the biggest, longest latest trends we’ve seen in awhile. And yes, you can definitely wear millennial pink in the fall. While you might think of this lighter pink shade as something more traditionally for spring, millennial pink has actually become hugely popular for fall. Once again, we have designers to thank for really highlighting this pretty pink shade during their fashion shows. And hey, if millennial pink ever loses its popularity, we’re pretty certain you won’t mind wearing such a pretty color, right?

Ankle Boots Are Always In Style

Ankle BootsImage via Damn You Look Good Daily

When it comes to fall fashion, one staple that every girl must, must have in her wardrobe, is most definitely a pair of ankle boots. While fall boots are always popular, no matter the year, we just couldn’t send you off to class without mentioning the absolute necessity of a good pair of fall boots. While heels might not be practical for college life, we can definitely get behind a small, chunky heel on a pair of ankle boots. Seriously, there is nothing that screams casual and put together more than a pair of great ankle boots.  If you’re in need of a pair, we highly suggest our Cinati Bootie. With a short chunky heel, trendy perforations, and the perfect neutral color, we are absolutely certain with a pair of great jeans, these boots would look amazing for a Fall day on campus.

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