What Fall Fashion is Trending

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Fall Fashion

As much as those of us who cling to the warm sunshine might like to deny it, summer is slowly coming to a close. Yes, it’s time to make way for the new fall fashion season, and you know what that means…It’s time for everything pumpkin spice, and of course, everyone’s favorite accessory comes back into rotation. Hello, fall boots!

While fall might signal the end of summer, there are many fashion lovers who can agree, it’s also the best time for updating your wardrobe and embracing all the latest trends. We’ve already talked about how to make that summer to fall transition easier, so today we’re going to discuss some of the biggest trends for the new season, along with all your favorite fall essentials.

Seeing Red

Fall Trends - RedsImage via Pinterest

As the leaves starting changing colors, so will your wardrobe. If you’ve ever been afraid of vibrant colors, now is the time to conquer your fear with some eye popping red. Whether it’s accessories, coats, shoes, handbags, or dresses, red is most definitely the color to experiment with this fall.

Embracing the Western

Fall Trends - CowboyImage via Pinterest

This year we’re ‘gonna be getting a little bit Western, y’all. This means cowhide prints, fringe, vests, and of course some steel toed boots. You don’t have to go full on cowgirl in order to embrace this trend, but next time you’re in a shop and you see a cowhide print, don’t be so quick to dismiss.

Turtlenecks Get a Twist

Fall Trends - TurtlenecksImage via Suburban Faux Pas

For the past couple of seasons, we’ve seen the popularity of the turtleneck grow. For 2017, we’re still seeing the traditional turtleneck be embraced, in particular, while being worn underneath dresses. However, we’re also seeing a whole new take on the turtleneck in the form of a Victorian neckline, with no holding back on frill or ruffle. Worn casually with jeans, or paired with sleek dress pants for the office, you really can’t go wrong if you’re bold enough to give this fashion statement a try.

Fishnets Are In!

Fall Trends - FishnetsImage via Glamour

When you think fishnets, you might think ‘90s grunge, but not anymore. Paired with feminine skirts and classic silhouettes, fishnets are now right on trend and completely classy. While fishnets are not particularly cold weather friendly, we suggest giving this fall trend a shot during the transition from summer to fall weather.

So now that we’ve got you wearing bright red, paired with a Victorian neckline and fishnets, let’s talk a little bit more about some approachable fashion. Because yes, while talking runway fashion can be fun, it’s not always practical. We suggest picking one or two trends that you’d like to embrace for the season, rather than trying to conquer them all. This way, you can remain on trend, but can also update your wardrobe in ways that will benefit you during future fall seasons.

Here are the 5 fall fashion staples you should have in your wardrobe if you don’t already:

1) Classic Denim

Fall Trends - DenimImage via Pinterest

Trends come and go, but if there’s one thing that will always be popular, it is most definitely classic denim. Pair denim with a cozy knit for a crisp day, or a cotton tee and fall boots for a warmer day; really, with denim that makes you look and feel great, you can’t go wrong.

2) Riding Boots

Fall Trends - Riding BootsImage via Pinterest

No fall is complete without your warm fall riding boots. Paired with a dress, denim, or even just simple leggings, when you find your perfect fall boot, we guarantee you’ll be wearing them non-stop.

3) Ankle Boot

Fall Trends - Ankle BootsImage via Pinterest

Yes, we’re including a second pair of shoes on this list, and yes, it is once again a boot. When it comes to fall fashion, though, your ankle boot and your riding boot give off a completely different look. As fashion obsessed ladies, we know you understand. Plus hey, when it comes to boots for fall, can you ever really have too many? We didn’t think so.

4) Blanket Scarf

Fall Trends - Blanket ScarfImage via Pinterest

Once that chilly fall air hits, there’s no doubt you’ll be itching for a blanket scarf. Whether you’re more into patterns or just a classic solid, with fall fashion, any kind of blanket scarf will do.

5) Knit Sweater

Fall Trends - Knit SweaterImage via Roawe

A knit sweater is also perfect as we make that transition from summer to fall. Why? Well, during these early days of fall when it’s not super cold yet, a knit sweater is the perfect compromise between being chilly and being too hot with a coat. Plus a knit sweater is the perfect layering piece for easy removal when that sun gets to be too much.

In a nutshell, what this all boils down to is that as we enter into fall, you shouldn’t feel pressured to embrace any trend that doesn’t feel authentic to you. Instead, you should review trends like the ones listed above, and also take stock of your current wardrobe, so you’re able to ensure you have all the proper fall essentials. When you find the balance between trends and essentials, that’s when your wardrobe will be at its best.

image source: thatoregonlife.com

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