Your Fall to Winter Fashion Transition Guide

By November 28, 2017Holidays, Winter
Winter Fashion

Depending on where you live, winter may not be your favorite time of year. Less sunlight, bone-chilling temperatures, and inconvenient driving conditions are all things most of us could probably do without, but hey, today we’re not here to depress you about the impending changing of seasons! Today we’re going to chat about all the good things that the winter season (and winter fashion) has to offer us: the holidays, hot chocolate, snuggling, and of course, all the amazing winter fashion! While we’re sure the fall prepared you for pulling out all your cozy knits, it’s time to get serious and really bundle up. Today we’re specifically going to talk about all the ways you can transition your wardrobe from fall to winter. While the transition may not be as drastic as the summer to fall transition, there are certainly some keys points you’re going to want to keep in mind as the seasons begin changing. Get ready, ladies: winter is coming.

How to transition your wardrobe from fall to winter:

1) Always Layer. Plain and Simple.

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Let’s start with the most obvious and oldest trick in the book. No matter what season you’re transitioning to, layering is always the key. Transition weather is often tricky since the temps can easily start off on the chilly side, and then rise throughout the day. This is why we suggest always, always, always layering when you style your outfits. With the fall to winter transition, it’s not as likely you’ll be in sweltering hot heat, so avoid layering with camis and tank tops. Instead, if you do experience more mild temperatures, we suggest wearing t-shirts and light long sleeve tops beneath cardigans and sweaters. This way, if the temperature does warm up, you can remove the cardigan/sweater, and still have something on underneath that works for those chilly breezes. Easy ‘peezy, right?

2) Embrace a more wintery color scheme

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Coming out of the fall season, we all know there’s a certain fashion vibe that fall gives off. Think lots of plaid, jewel tones, layering pieces, and scarves. And yes, while winter does have a similar vibe, there are a few key differences, namely in color scheme. While fall has a more golden toned color scheme (i.e. rust, burgundy, maroon, deep red, etc.), winter has a more silvery tone (i.e. icy blue, cream, grey, black, purple). While you can certainly wear the majority of your fall clothes in winter, just keep in mind it is a different season, and your look should reflect that. Changing up the color scheme is one of the easiest ways to do so.

3) Don’t forget about your beauty routine

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While yes, fashion is our main focus here at Unlikely Pear, it wouldn’t be right not to talk about transitioning your beauty routine to suit the winter season. In fact, this is probably the most important change you’ll make as we head into winter. With those temperatures dropping and the cold air coming in, it’s extremely important that you protect your skin, largely by providing it with moisture. Cold temperatures can often result in dry skin and cracked lips, so do yourself a favor and prepare now. Get yourself a moisturizer with extra hydration and stalk up on all the lip balms. Your skin is going to thank you. Big time.

4) Step up the warmth factor

Warmth Factor
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As mentioned, when you’re transitioning from fall to winter, you’ll likely run into a few more mild days here and there, but it’s still extremely important that you prepare for the dropping temperatures. The extent to which you need to prepare will greatly depend on your specific climate, but for some, the impending winter season likely means retiring the jean jacket and instead pull out the wool coat. You also may want to put the peep-toe booties and flats away, and instead rely exclusively on your over the knee boots and cozy riding boots. Don’t get stuck not being prepared for the cold. Have all your winter pieces out and ready to go, so there’s no surprises or frantic searching for your favorite winter coat.

5) Winter accessories complete the look

Winter AccessoriesImage via Pinterest

We certainly love scarves for fall, but when thinking cold weather accessories, we are most likely to be reminded of winter, which means as we come into these more chilly months, you have total permission to pull out all your winter accessories: knit hats, wool scarves, and cozy mittens galore! While winter may not have the best reputation, being able to wear cold weather accessories is definitely one of the perks and staples of winter fashion. Whether it’s a season you enjoy or not, try to embrace the positive by investing in really cute winter accessories. They might just add a little sunshine to an otherwise dreary winter day.

Are you excited about the impending change of season? Do you get excited about winter, or not? Like we said, it may not have the best reputation, but just think about all that hot chocolate sipping about to come into your life. Embrace the positive, and we promise, the negative melts right away.

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