Fashion Splurging: Shoes and Clothes To Spend Extra Money On

Fashion Splurges

When it comes spending money on fashion, we’re sure you’re well aware of the hit your bank account can take. You’re a fashionable women, after all. For you, there’s always more shoes, accessories, and clothing that you could add to your wardrobe, especially when considering how quickly trends change.

So does this mean you have to constantly buy designer, or try every trend in the books?

Of course not!

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So how do you manage to keep your bank account happy, while still feeding your fashion obsessed soul?


You need to learn what items are worth the splurge. You need to learn where to spend your money and where to save. Once you realize there are certain pieces that you’re going to get more use out of, you’ll have less need to constantly buy more, more, more.

Spending more money on pieces that you’ll get more use of is also a sensible choice since you’ll likely be wearing these pieces more. You need to ensure you’re purchasing quality pieces so that you’ll be able to wear these pieces season after season, and in the long run, save big time.

So which items are worth your investment? Which clothing and shoe items should you splurge on? We’ve got your answers!

A Black Leather Jacket

Depending on your budget, if you start investing in every trend, every brand, and every piece your heart desires, chances are, one day you’re going to get a pretty terrifying credit card statement.

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There are few pieces more classic than a leather jacket. A leather jacket instantly makes an outfit look more cool, sophisticated, and put together. You can dress it down with jeans, or dress it up with a classic skirt. We suggest black leather to ensure you can wear the jacket with any outfit.

A Designer Bag

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Yes, every woman should own a designer bag. While a designer bag will cost you more money upfront, in time, you’ll end up saving because you know have a quality bag that will last you years. We suggest really considering your lifestyle before making the splurge. Consider how much you carry on an everyday basis, which color makes most sense for your wardrobe (we suggest black to ensure it works with any outfit), and consider the brand.

High Quality Jeans

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We also highly recommend taking the time to find a pair of jeans that fit you just right, but are also high quality. There’s nothing worse than finding a pair of jeans that fit well, only to find that after a couple wears, they’re ripping, are stretched out, or have lost their fit. When you invest in quality denim and take the time to find your perfect fit, your jeans become a much more sensible investment.

A Classic Cashmere Sweater

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Everyone knows cashmere doesn’t come cheap, but the thing about cashmere is, when properly taken care of, it can last you for years. Not to mention cashmere sweaters always look fashionable, chic, and timeless. Believe us when we say you’ll definitely get use out of a cashmere sweater.


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Now, when it comes to shoes, you know at Unlikely Pear we have a bit of a shoe obsession. If we could, we’d be happy with a whole closet just dedicated to shoes, but for many of us, this just isn’t realistic. While we do think it’s fun to invest in trend driven shoes on occasion, we also see the benefits of really considering what kinds of shoes you invest in. You basically want to have a good pair of shoes in every basic shoe category: boots, sandals, flats, and heels. With all of these categories, you need to consider three things:

  • Practicality (invest in a pair that is going to match with most of your wardrobe)
  • Sensibility (ensure you’re investing in something comfortable that you can walk in)
  • Quality (if you’re going to invest in these shoes, ensure they’re going to last you more than one season)

Of course you’ll also probably want trendy pieces like gladiator sandals, ankle boots, and wedges in your shoe collection. However, when we’re talking about the shoes you should really splurge on, we highly suggest boots for warmth, flat sandals that match with most outfits and are easy to walk in, a pair of ballet flats with the same criteria, and a pair of pumps that can be worn time and time again.

If we had to pick only two shoe items to really invest in, they would be:

Classic Pumps

Fashion Splurge

Shop The Centella Pump

For many, you may already have a pair of classic pumps, but if you don’t, it’s time to invest. Trust us, you’ll find yourself pulling those pumps out for every wedding, date night, and event you have to attend. There’s nothing more sensible to invest in. We suggest nude or black pumps for the most use.


Winter Boots

Shop The Sansa Boot Fashion Splurge

Depending on where you live, high quality boots could mean the difference between icicle toes and nice, warm toes. You also could be potentially walking through snow and slush, and we’re pretty certain you don’t want wet feet. Investing in a pair of high quality winter boots is really going to save you from this.

So which items will you be splurging on? It might seem scary to splurge on items at first since there’s a higher upfront cost, but in the long run, you’re really going to end up saving money once you realize what’s worth your investment. If you think of your current wardrobe and think about the items you reach for time and time again, those are the items to splurge on. Your bank account will thank you.

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