Halloween Costumes For The Fashionista

By October 11, 2018Fall, Holiday
Fashionista Halloween Costumes

With Halloween quickly approaching, have you given your costume some thought?

As a lady who loves fashion, we’re sure it’s crossed your mind at least once or twice. This is the perfect opportunity to play dress up, after all.

Having said that, with your preference for all things stylish, we just know there’s no way you’re about to wear your standard witch or goblin costume. You want a costume that makes a statement and stands out from the crowd, right?

Yup, that’s what we thought.

So, whether you’re looking to dress up as something sassy, sweet, or scary, we’ve got plenty of Halloween costume ideas that should inspire all you stylish ladies out there.

Are you ready for your best Halloween costume yet? Let’s get into it!

Dress Up As A Loofah

LoofahImage via Style Bistro

Yup, you read that correctly. If you want a Halloween costume that is fun to wear, and that you can easily make yourself, we highly recommend this idea.

While it’s certainly not your standard scary costume, it’s one that people are bound to take notice of.

Plus hey, you can grab your bestie, and do this one together. Two is better than one, right?

Try Out The Black Swan Costume

CelebrityImage via TheSorryGirls

This movie might be a couple years old now, but that hasn’t stopped us from absolutely loving this idea for a Halloween costume.

It’s the perfect mix of dark and edgy for Halloween, but with a tutu and elaborate makeup, you can still feel feminine.

Plus hey, this is a super fun costume to recreate. Give it a try, and you’ll quickly see why this is one of our favorite costumes for Halloween.

Who Wants To Be Kate Moss For Halloween?

Kate Moss CostumeImage via @alwaysjudging

Fashion enthusiasts, listen up, we’ve got the perfect costume for you.

It’s time to pull out your blonde wig, throw on a silky slip dress, and nail your best Kate Moss impression.

This Halloween costume is oh-so-easy to recreate and works perfectly if you’re looking for a last minute costume idea that’s still different from your standard looks.

So go ahead, grab a glass of champagne and a fake cigarette, anyone can be a supermodel for the night on Halloween.

Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld Rule The Party

Anna Wintour & Karl LagerfeldImage via Glamour

If Kate Moss isn’t really your jam, but you still want to be a fashion icon for the night, you can’t go wrong with an Anna Wintour costume.

Nail the hair, throw on some dark shades, with a stylish dress, and you’ve got this Halloween costume in the bag.

Oh, and if you can get your significant other to dress up in a matching Karl Lagerfeld costume, even better.

Trust us, with these costumes, you two are bound to be the most stylish pair at the party.

The Clueless Girls Make For The Perfect Halloween Costume

CluelessImage via Sydnestyle

Want an iconic Halloween costume that you can probably recreate with your regular clothes?

Why not be the ladies from Clueless?

This is the perfect costume to do with your best girlfriends. Plus, with ‘90s fashion really making a comeback this season, you might just have all the pieces you need to pull off this Halloween costume already in your wardrobe.

Double bonus!

Be A Zombie (or really anything scary)

Zombie CostumeImage via Emma Pickles

Now, if you want to test out your makeup skills, and you’re really looking for an elaborate Halloween costume, we always recommend going the scary route.

A zombie is the first one that comes to mind, but just a quick search on YouTube for Halloween makeup tutorials, and you’re bound to be impressed by all the wild and elaborate makeup you can find online.

Because really, when it comes to standing out this Halloween, there’s no denying that bold and dramatic makeup tends to be the key criteria.

Get yourself over onto Youtube, and we’ve got no doubt that you’ll find heaps of Halloween costume inspiration headed your way.

Do you feel a bit more inspired to put some real effort into your Halloween costume this year?

We know how easy it can be to just go with your standard costume, but as a lady who loves fashion, this is your perfect opportunity to play dress up.

Get creative, have fun with it, and embrace your wild side. With Halloween costumes, there are no rules!

image courtesy of MissCharmsie

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