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Well, it’s that time of year again, if music festivals are your thing, you’re likely in paradise. Whether you attended next year’s Coachella or you have Bonnaroo on the mind, we’ve got all your essentials so you can dress effortlessly chic while showing off your unique style. And hey, we’re going to make sure you dress fashionably, but also comfortably, because there’s nothing worse than watching your favorite performer when you’re too warm, your feet ache, and your clothing just isn’t working for you. Here’s what you need in your wardrobe for the perfect fashionable (yet practical!) festival look:

1) Comfortable Shoes!

Comfortable Shoes

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Wearing those cute gladiator sandals might seem like a good idea at first thought, but after trekking through the desert or standing at a concert for several hours, your feet will thank you for making a comfortable choice. Birkenstocks are not only ridiculously comfortable, they’re also super trendy this season. And if basic Birkenstocks are just a little too plain for your festival style, make sure to check out our Magdalena Sandal (pictured below). They’re super comfortable, yes, but they also come in leopard print. Bonus!

Magdalena Sandal

2) Jean Shorts + Loose Fitting Tank

Jean Shorts

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If you want to put together the most comfortable outfit possible that is still right on trend for festival season, you can’t go wrong with a loose fitting tank paired with denim shorts. When you’re going to be out in the sun all day, you want to make sure you wear an outfit that will keep you cool and comfortable. Not only that, but you need clothing that is resilient and easy to move around in, and what’s easier to wear than a pair of denim shorts? For bonus points: find denim shorts with embroidery, lace detailing, tie-dye, or extra embellishment! Trust us, take a look around any festival, and we guarantee you’ll see many ladies who get the appeal of the denim shorts and tank top combo.

3) A Flowy Maxi Dress

Flowy Maxi Dress

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But hey, some of us are much more inclined to wear a dress, and that’s perfectly okay. However, if you are that lady, we suggest opting for a midi or maxi dress. While cute sundresses work for most occasions, when you’re going to be outdoors in large crowds, with no prediction for how windy it will be, we’re sure you can understand why a longer dress is more suited to the occasion. Not to mention, if there’s ever that moment where your feet need a break, and the grass is the only option, you’ll thank yourself for wearing a maxi dress.

4) Highly Embellished Shoes

If Birkenstocks or comfortable shoe choices are just not for you, we highly recommend wearing a fun, embellished shoe. We think everyone knows about the tendency to dress with a more bohemian sensibility during festival season, so be a bit adventurous with your shoe choices. To be right on trend, look for sandals that are embellished with fringe, pompoms, or tassels. Your shoe choice will make a statement, but keep you looking right at home at a festival. Our Adriana sandal would be the absolutely perfect style choice for a festival (pictured below). Don’t you agree?

Adriana Sandal

5) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Festival Accessories

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So you’ve got two clothing options and some suggestions for comfortable shoes, so what’s missing? Accessories, of course! You can’t go to a music festival without your favorite accessories. Just remember: fashionable doesn’t have to mean impractical! That 10 pound necklace you’ve been dying to wear is probably better left for a different event, and an arm full of bangles will likely get annoying when waving your hands in the air during your favorite performance. Instead, try accessorizing with a practical fringe handbag, tie a scarf in your hair, pack your favorite sunglasses, or throw a wide brimmed hat on top of your head. When you accessorize like this you’ll have a place to keep your possessions, your hair out of your face, your eyes protected, and your head cool. Now that’s what we call smart accessorizing.

So, who’s attending a festival this season? Are you prepared? Just remember: super trendy and impractical outfits might look nice in pictures, but if you’re discomfort makes you miserable during the whole event, is it really worth it? Take it from us: it’s time to rock festival fashion while remaining practical, comfortable, and of course, fashionable. Who’s with us?

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