8 Football Tailgating Fashion Tips

By October 19, 2017Fall
Tailgating Fashion

Well, ladies, football season is officially here, and that means it’s time to pull out all your favorite t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters that show your support for your football team. But hey, just because you’re going to be showing your football support, does not mean you can’t also show off your amazing sense of style. Which is why today we’re going to be going over some of our favorite fall football and tailgating fashion. Because yup, you can totally dress fashionably no matter what the occasion. Even for football.

Let’s start this off with our favorite tip for dressing for football games and tailgating

1. Let your boots do the talking

At Unlikely Pear you know we’re always all about amazing shoe styles, but our shoe love gets even stronger when talking about football season. Why? Well, because when your fashion options are limited to wearing your team’s apparel, you have to show off your fashion style somewhere, and your boots are a great place to do this! We love the idea of wearing a bold, red boot for those of you with red in your team’s colors.

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If red isn’t your thing, or it doesn’t work with your outfit, we suggest going with a shoe style that really stands out. A great pair of over the knee boots, something with an embellishment like fringe, or even a cute ankle boot will totally do the trick.

2. Jerseys can be stylish

Never thought a football jersey could be stylish? Well, then you thought wrong. We’ll just leave this here to give you a little fashion inspiration and motivation to pull out that jersey that’s been hiding in the back of your closet.

Tailgating FashionImage via Stiletto Sports

3.  Wear the team’s colors

Tailgating FashionImage via Tailgate Rivals

If you’re not really into the idea of wearing a jersey or a sports tee, no problem! You can still show your support by wearing the team’s colors. Unless your team’s colors are really obscure, for the most part, you likely already have the perfect outfit lurking in the back of your closet. And hey, if your team has any red in it, we highly recommend some red lipstick. Both fashionable and supportive? You go girl.

4. Stay warm

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Depending on where you live, football season and tailgating can get rather chilly. Don’t be silly, make sure you’re prepared. Having a nice warm coat will keep you toasty and ready to cheer on your team, but also completely fashion forward. And hey, if you can find a coat in your team’s colors, even better.

5. Keep it simple

Tailgating FashionImage via Tailgate Rivals

While there may be those of you who really love your team and want to show your support, we recommend keeping your look nice and simple. When you go overboard in your football style, it just tends to look a little crazy. Save the face paint for Halloween.

6. There’s a time and place for heels

Tailgating FashionImage via Glitter Guide

Back on the subject of shoes, when it comes to attending a football game and/or tailgating, there’s often a lot of walking involved. While you may want to look fashion forward, this isn’t the time to pull out the heels. A nice flat shoe will do you much better and keep your feet from suffering.

If a heel is really something you can’t part with, we suggest a nice ankle boot with a short, chunky heel. Something like our Raylan Bootie would be excellent for a football game or tailgate party.

7. Keep accessories in mind

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There’s a strong likelihood that your team sells its very own accessories, especially when it comes to jewelry. This is especially nice for those of you who might not feel the need to broadcast your team support to the whole world, but still, want a nice subtle way to show off your support. Accessories are the way to go! 

8. Fall fashion always works

Tailgating Fashion

And our best piece of advice: go all out with your favorite fall fashions during football season. Fall and football just go hand-in-hand, so it only seems appropriate that you embrace all the latest fall fashion trends. Whether it’s big cozy blanket scarves, stylish boots, fashion-forward knits, or staple plaid, no fall fashion is off limits.

So, ladies, are you excited for football season? Do you have all your outfits picked out yet? We’d love to hear some of your tips for how you style your outfits on game day.

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