Fun Valentine’s Day Fashion

By February 9, 2018Fashion, Holidays
Valentine's Day

If you love pink and you’re all about feminine style, we bet you count down the days until you can get some Valentine’s Day fashion into your life. What is Valentine’s Day fashion, you might be wondering? Isn’t theme dressing a little cheesy? Good questions. Yes, in some cases, dressing up for a holiday can definitely be a little cheesy, but when you know how to style a holiday outfit in a classy and playful way, it’s totally possible!

Today we’ve got all your Valentine’s Day fashion inspiration to get you right into the spirit of love! We’re going to show you exactly how you can style the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit and look chic doing it. Let’s bring a little love into your life, shall we?

We’ll start off with something easy.

Keep it Casual

Casual Valentine's Day FashionImage via Pinterest

You don’t have to go for a full-blown, over-the-top pink outfit in order to bring some Valentine’s Day spirit into your life. Really, all you might need is a cute sweater with a heart on it. Super simple. Throw your hair into a top knot, grab your favorite comfy pair of jeans, and you’re ready to tackle Valentine’s Day with a smile on your face.

Dress It Up

Casual is great, but what if you and your Valentine are headed to a special dinner to celebrate? In this case, you’ll probably want to wear something a little nicer than a comfy sweater. Our suggestion? Pick one of your favorite fashion items and give it a Valentine’s Day twist.

If you’re really into pretty dresses, try a blush pink dress for some Valentine’s Day flair.

Dressy Valentine's Day FashionImage via Pinterest

If high waisted jeans and a bodysuit is your go-to look, give it the Valentine’s Day treatment with some red lipstick.

Waisted JeansImage via Pinterest

If you prefer a more minimalist look, why not just go with your usual date night outfit, but then pair it with your favorite piece of jewelry from your significant other?

Valentine's Day JewelryImage via Pinterest

If you’re shoe obsessed like we are, wear a pretty pair of blush pink heels. Red will also look great, as well as anything with lace or a scalloped edge.

Valentine's Day ShoesImage via Pinterest

Below you’ll find more specific examples of some perfect date night outfits. Pick your favorite style and stun your date.

Sweet Lace

Valentine's Day LaceImage via Pinterest

For something pretty, feminine, and oh-so-perfect for this love infused holiday, we highly recommend adding some lace to your outfit. Whether it’s a skirt, feminine top, or even a dress, lace never fails for a soft and sweet look on Valentine’s Day.

Spicy and Sultry

Valentine's Day SultryImage via Pinterest

A pretty, feminine outfit is just fine and dandy, but perhaps you’re looking to go in a bit of a different direction. Maybe you’re hoping to bring the heat with a sultry outfit? Once again, lace can definitely work here, but it’s all about how you style the outfit that will give it a completely different feel. Look for curve-hugging outfits that show off your best features.

Red and black are typically two great colors to play up if you’re leaning towards a more spicy outfit for Valentine’s Day. Imagine wearing your best lingerie in a socially appropriate way, and voila, there’s your perfect Valentine’s Day look.


Valentine's Day QuirkyImage via Pinterest

If your typical style is a little more eccentric and playful, you should definitely take advantage. With your quirky style, you can definitely get away with really playing up the Valentine’s Day spirit. Anything with a heart pattern, red lips, and all the feminine details will be perfect components to work into your Valentine’s Day outfit.

So, whether you want to go for the full-blown Valentine’s Day look, or you’re more inclined to keep it on the simpler side, there’s no harm in showing off a little Valentine’s Day flair in your outfit. Don’t go too over-the-top with every heart-shaped item you can get your hands on, but also don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to really show off your amazing sense of style.

Who’s ready for a little romance this Valentine’s Day? Bring it on.

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