Get Fall-Fashion Ready When The Weather Is Still Hot

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Fall Fashion

Whether you’re ready for the fall season or not, you likely have at least one friend who’s anxiously anticipating all things pumpkin spiced and cozy.

With that in mind, though, if you live in Florida or any other warmer state, there’s a good chance you won’t be pulling out your knits and boots for a while.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a dash of pumpkin-spiced into your life, despite the warm weather.

Use some of these style tips to get your fall wardrobe ready even if the temperatures are hot, hot, hot.

1. Wear Fall Colors

Fall Colors
Image via Piper & Scoot

Probably the easiest way to add some fall flavor into your wardrobe is to start wearing fall colors.

Whether it be mustard yellow, forest green, or maroon, seek out summer styles, like dresses and rompers, but look for them in traditional fall colors. This will keep your look from feeling too summery, but will still keep you cool.

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2) Try Open Toe Booties

Open Toe Booties
Image via Upbeat Soles

If you’re like us then you’re probably a little shoe-obsessed, right?

That’s what we thought.

And so, if you’re itching to wear your favorite booties, we highly recommend investing in a pair of opened toed booties.

Open-toed booties will give your look that quintessential fall feel, but because of the opened toed nature of the shoe, your feet will still be able to breathe on days where the temperature feels more like summer.

In addition, you can always style your booties with a dress or denim mini skirt to keep you from getting too hot.

3. Try Out Summer Knits

Summer Knits
Image via Interweave

When you think of knits, you likely think of big chunky sweaters and oversized tunics, but lucky for you, knits don’t always have to be that traditional look.

You can find plenty of knits done in light materials. Not to mention, open knits will keep things breezy, and you can easily pair a light bralette under your open knit for a look that says both sexy, but also chic and sophisticated.

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4. Add Some Fall Beauty To Your Look

Fall Beauty
Image via Elle

Generally speaking, fall makeup tends to be heavier than summer makeup. Of course, though, if the weather is still hot, the idea of wearing heavy makeup might not appeal.

Never fear, though! We’ve got your solution.

Simply add a berry-colored lip balm or lip stain to your look. Balms and stains tend to be a lot easier to wear in the hot weather. Plus, if you select a deep red, berry, or even a plum if you’re feeling adventurous, your look will quickly and easily get a fall vibe.

5. Fall Pants

Fall Pants
Image via Style The Girl

On days where the temperatures are blistering, pants might not be the best idea, but on days where you think you can handle pants, we highly recommend some paper bag style pants or perhaps some pleated trousers.

Both these styles have a definite fall aesthetic to them, but when paired with a light camisole or a cotton tee for something more casual, you get the perfect mix of hot weather safe and fall-ready.

When it comes to transitioning your wardrobe over to fall when the temperatures are still screaming summer, as Floridians, we get it.

Use some of our tips from above for the ultimate compromise between summer temperatures and the fall season.

image courtesy of Moosehead Cabins

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