Fashion Options for a Healthy Lifestyle

By January 19, 2018Fashion, Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle

With new year’s resolutions in full force, there’s no doubt the gym tends to be a rather crowded place throughout the month of January. No complaints here – wer are all trying to implement a healthy lifestyle! To all the women out there dedicated to making healthy lifestyle choices, we commend you. But hey, just because you’re committed to getting your sweat on doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for fashion. Gone are the days of baggy gym shorts and old t-shirts as workout gear. In 2018, your options for both looking and feeling great at the gym are endless. Because really, when you feel good about yourself, you’re much more likely to perform better throughout your sweaty gym session. Here are our 5 best tips to ensure you stay true to your fashionable self even while at the gym.

1) Pay attention to the cut and design of activewear

ActivewearImage via Pinterest

First and foremost, the biggest component of any gym outfit is always going to be the apparel you choose to wear. Like we said, you can always opt for that old pair of gym shorts you have hiding in the back of your closet, but in our opinion, when you invest into activewear that fits your style and is figure flattering, you’ll be much more inspired to push through your workout. And no, figure-flattering activewear doesn’t have to mean a tiny sports bra and super tight leggings. It can mean a loose fitting top with an open back, or a pair of tights with mesh detailing on the side, for example. Your two biggest concerns should be finding activewear that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable. Finding unique designs won’t be a problem. Trust us, once you start looking through the various design options available in activewear, you might just want to start wearing your gym clothes all the time.

2) Invest in bright colors and bold prints

Bold ColorsImage via Fitness Apparel Express

Perhaps black and white is more your style. If that’s the case, stick with what best suits your typical fashion choices. When it comes to the gym, it’s all about being comfortable. However, if you want to add a punch of personality to your gym outfits, look for bright colors and bold prints. A pair of bright pink leggings or a bold geometric print top is bound to bring a little excitement to your outfits as you get ready to head out to the gym. When you’re excited to put on your gym outfit, it will only act as positive reinforcement to get you moving. Not a bad way to get inspired, we’d say.

3) Gym accessories are a thing

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No, accessorizing at the gym doesn’t mean decking yourself out in head to toe jewelry. What it does mean, though, is having some fun with extra add-ons that you can bring with you to the gym to only further elevate your excitement to workout. A water bottle that coordinates with your outfit? A gym bag that’s not only practical but also trendy? Your very own yoga mat in your favorite color? Or hey, why not really treat yourself to a brand new fitness tracker so you can crush those 2018 fitness goals? With all these fun fitness accessories in your life, we’re certain you’ll be counting down the hours until your next gym session.

4) Shoes are always a priority

Gym ShoesImage via Society19

Are you even surprised we’re chatting about the importance of finding the perfect shoe? Here at Unlikely Pear, we believe in always finding a pair of shoes that fit both the comfort and style criterion. You want to find a pair of running shoes that will allow you to achieve peak performance throughout your workout, but you also want to find a pair that matches your style. If you’re all about the feminine and girly, go for a pair of bright pink running shoes. Maybe you want something a little more out there and wild? Why not try a pair in a neon color, like yellow or lime green? Fire engine red or baby blue are also hugely popular. And hey, if your standard black or white running shoes seem more practical and closely aligned with your style, go for that. Just ensure you never sacrifice comfort for style. And alternatively, never sacrifice style for comfort. As the fashionable lady that we know you are, we’re certain you need both in your life.

5) A swipe of makeup can’t hurt

Make-upImage via Love Hairstyles

Now, this tip is certainly not for everyone. There are many ladies out there who will only go to the gym completely barefaced. This ensures you get a clean sweat, it helps prevents breakouts, and it tends to be a lot less messy. Having said that, we also know there are definitely a lot of women who would feel more confident with just a touch of makeup on. A swipe of waterproof mascara, a lightweight tinted moisturizer, and a pretty pink tint to the lips is probably all you’ll need to get you feeling your best at the gym. Also, be sure to look into perfecting some gym hairstyles. While of course, your standard pony will always work, we absolutely love the idea of experimenting with unique braids. Not only do they look great and add to your overall gym look, they also keep your hair out of your face and secure. Double bonus!

So ladies, are you ready to kick a little 2018 booty? We know you are, and that’s why we hope this little list has given you some inspiration to make some fashionable choices at the gym this year. We’ll say it again: when you feel good about your look, you’re much more likely to perform better throughout your workout. So go ahead, get yourself some new workout gear. It’s for your health after all.

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