What To Wear to a His and Her Photoshoot

Couples Photoshoot

Whether it’s an engagement shoot, birth announcement, or family portrait, when it comes to taking pictures together as a couple, figuring out what to wear can be quite tricky. This is especially true if this is your first photoshoot together as a couple. Lucky for you, though, we’ve gathered up some of our best tips to ensure you’re looking top notch when the camera flashes. You ready? Let’s get styling!

Wear something that speaks to you as a couple

Vitor LindoImage via Vitor Lindo

First things first, you’ll need to decide the general vibe you want to give off with your photos. Do you want the photos to feel relaxed and casual? Do you want them to be more formal? Perhaps whimsical and romantic is more your style? Regardless of what it is, make sure it speaks to you as a couple. If your significant other and you are known for being laid-back and down to ea h, than a formal, city-chic photoshoot probably isn’t going to feel very natural. Think about what it is that represents you as a couple, and then base your photoshoot off that idea. You can even bring a prop with you if there’s something specific that really represents your relationship. Regardless of what you decide to go with, we do know that once you have the general theme for the photoshoot, putting together the outfits will come much more naturally.

Stay away from fluorescent colors

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Now that you know the general vibe for the shoot, it’s time to start picking outfits. And, while yes, we don’t doubt you know what you’re doing when it comes to styling, we do want to give two tips in particular that have to do with photography. First off, we suggest staying away from any fluorescent colors. While that hot pink top might look great on you typically, in photos, neon colors will tend to cast an unflattering shadow, which probably isn’t the look you want. Also, we suggest utilizing layers, like belts, cardigans, scarves, necklaces, and headbands. When you incorporate layers into your outfit, it gives the photo dimension. In the world of photography, dimension is definitely something that you want to achieve. 

Consider the location

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Next, ensure that you’re considering the location. While it likely seems obvious to match the location to your outfit for styling purposes, there might be certain pieces of the puzzle you’re leaving out. For example, if you’re going to be taking photos in a park where there’s a lot of green, we would suggest not wearing a green top. If you’re going to be shooting against a brick wall, stay away from a rust red or brown. Imagine your surroundings when picking your outfits, and ensure those outfits work for that particular location. Nobody wants to blend into the background, that’s for sure. The purpose of the photos is to have your significant other and you be the stars of the show.

Make sure you’re comfortable

Haute Off The RackImage via Haute Off The Rack

Having said all that, the best piece of advice we could give to any couple looking to take photos would be to ensure you’re comfortable with whatever you’re wearing. For some, taking photos can be an uncomfortable process, to begin with. Now add a layer of wearing something that is actually physically uncomfortable, and this discomfort will likely translate into the final photos. We suggest picking clothing that fits properly, that doesn’t require a lot of adjusting, and that makes you feel like your best self. If you’re continually pulling at a strapless top, or feeling like your dress is too short, you likely won’t take your best photos because of the unnecessary distraction.

Don’t get too matchy 

Style Me PrettyImage via Style Me Pretty

Gone are the days of matching your outfits for a couple’s photoshoot. Today it is much more commonplace to ensure that your outfit is coordinating. The difference is largely that with matching outfits you’re basically wearing the exact same thing. For example, a pair of jeans with a black top. This can look cheesy, and doesn’t make for the best photos visually. Instead, put together outfits that coordinate. For example, if your husband is wearing a red top, perhaps you can wear red lipstick. Or, if you’re in a bright blue dress that is very fun and flirty, perhaps he can wear a quirky, bright polo as well to give that same playful vibe. Basically, the only thing that you want to ensure is matching is the general feeling of the outfits. If you’re dressed in something glamorous, while your significant other is dressed in something more relaxed, this likely won’t look right. You definitely want to coordinate and look like you’re together, but you don’t want to look cheesy or generic with matching outfits. See the difference?

So, what couple’s photos do you have coming up? Perhaps you’re just trying to gather some inspiration for upcoming events in your life. Whatever the case, we suggest brainstorming now. With no shortage of examples available to you all over the internet, we have no doubt you’ll be rocking your next photoshoot like absolute pros.

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