How To Host a 4th of July Pool Party

Pool Party

Are you ready for the Fourth of July?

Perhaps you have a family BBQ on the horizon? A romantic picnic in the park? Or maybe you’re even headed on a weekend getaway?

Regardless, it’s always nice to relax during the holiday.

Having said that, though, for some of you, hosting a Fourth of July event might be more your reality. So today, we wanted to provide you with some tips to help make your Fourth of July party less stressful and more fun-filled.

Are you ready to enjoy some fun in the sun this Fourth of July? Here are five tips to help you host a Fourth of July pool party that everybody will remember:

1. Simple Food and Drinks

Simple food and drinks
Image Taste of Home

No pool party is complete without food and drinks.

With that in mind, though, we always suggest keeping it simple.

Pick easy-to-make appetizers that you can prepare ahead of time, throw some burgers and hot dogs onto the grill, and don’t be afraid to simply open up a bag of chips, or hand out some popsicles for when the temperatures rise.

Trust us, cooking an elaborate Fourth of July spread might sound like a good idea now, but when you’re stuck in the kitchen during the whole party, you’ll likely regret it.

2. Red, White, and Blue Decorations

Red, white, and blue decorations
Image via 100 Layer Cake-Let

Decide for yourself how festive you want to get with your decor, but we highly recommend at least getting some red, white, and blue cups, plates, and napkins.

Not only can they easily be recycled for easy clean-up, but they’re also a simple way to add some festive flair to your pool party.

You can go all out with streamers, banners, and other festive decor items, but to keep things simple, at least decorate your food table with some red, white, and blue.

And hey, don’t forget to also make sure you’re decked out in your best red, white, and blue outfit for that extra special touch.

3. Pool Accessories

Pool Accessories
Image via Martha Stewart

Since we’re talking about a pool party here, it’s always a nice idea to have some fun pool floaties available, especially if there are children at the party.

Cool blow-up pizza slices, giant flamingos, or even a simple pool noodle is always a nice addition to a pool party.

Even a planned water balloon fight will likely be met with enthusiasm.

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4. Music Is A Must

Music is a must
Image via @threesonsfarmhouse

Imagine being at a party and there being no music….

Kind of awkward, right?

Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with music for your event.

Make a playlist ahead of time. Even ask some of your friends and family to suggest their favorite tunes.

You’re much more likely to have happy guests if you’ve selected music they actually enjoy.

5. Keep It Simple

Keep it simple
Image via Homesteading

At the end of the day, our best piece of advice for a stress-free Fourth of July pool party is to keep it simple.

For the most part, your guests are there to enjoy the company of your friends and family.

While delicious food, festive decorations, and good music are always nice touches, they don’t mean anything if you’re stressed out and not enjoying yourself (your guests will pick up on this).

Relax, enjoy, and celebrate the Fourth of July stress-free. You won’t regret it.

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