How to Pair a Dress with Sneakers

By August 10, 2019Fashion, Sneakers
How To Pair A Dress With Sneakers

Imagine this: you’re planning a last minute summer trip that involves sunny weather and warm beaches. You’ve packed all your outfits, thinking you’ll wear your cute gladiator sandals with your favorite summer dresses.

Sounds great, right?

Of course! But, while we’re all for a great pair of sandals, what happens when your vacation involves a lot of walking? How do you think you’ll feel when you’ve been walking for over an hour and your feet start to blister?

Probably not so great, and that’s why, today, we wanted to share some tips for styling a dress with sneakers.

Because yes, a pair of sneakers with a dress can totally work if you know what you’re doing.

Use some of these styling tips to look feminine and fashionable, but also comfortable and practical.

1. Try athleisure

Image via Able

Probably the easiest and most practical way to wear a dress with sneakers, anything athleisure-inspired won’t fail you.

Look for casual t-shirt dresses, go for anything with racer stripes, and don’t be afraid to do some shopping with your favorite activewear brands (many now carry sporty dresses for that “studio-to-street” look).

Style with a baseball cap, and tie a plaid button-down around your waist for the ultimate athleisure-inspired look.

2. Seek out striped dresses

Striped Dresses
Image via Vogue

If you’re not exactly into the whole athleisure trend, wearing sneakers with a dress is still totally doable! Simply seek out striped dresses.

Whatever the style, whatever the color, there’s just something about striped dresses that tend to have a more casual feel, which makes them the perfect piece to pair with sneakers.

In fact, believe it or not, as shown above, even a bodycon striped dress can be styled down with sneakers for a casual look.

3. Casual babydoll dresses

Casual Babydoll Dresses
Image via Kendi Everyday

If a more feminine style tends to be up your alley, pairing sneakers with your dress is still within reach.

Our piece of advice here would be to look for babydoll dresses. Anything midi or maxi length generally looks awkward with sneakers, but with a babydoll cut, you’re golden.

Simply stay away from anything that is hard to dress down. For example, if it’s a dress that you would wear to a wedding, it probably shouldn’t be styled with sneakers, but if it has more of an everyday feel, give it a try with sneakers.

4. Get the right sneakers

Get the right sneakers
Image via The Everygirl

Now, having said all of this, styling a dress with sneakers will never work if you don’t have the right sneakers, to begin with.

What do we mean?

Well, generally speaking, you want your sneakers to have more of a feminine feel. You don’t want to be rocking your standard Nike gym shoes while wearing a dress.

Instead, seek out a sleek style that more so resembles a ballet flat with laces. You can always add a bit more support with insoles if you need it.

In addition, it’s important to note that if you are looking for a more sporty look, you’ll find that many sneaker companies are making more styles that are suited for everyday use, rather than for the gym, as shown above.

Find the right sneakers that don’t feel bulky, and you’ll have no problems with your dress and sneaker combination.

5. Consider color

Consider color
Image via Sazan

And lastly, when it comes to styling any outfit, it’s always important to consider color.

For the sake of convenience and practicality, we always recommend a good white sneaker. It matches with everything, while also feeling fresh and feminine.

However, if you’re worried about getting your sneakers dirty, or you’re looking for something with a bit more of a pop, you’ll find plenty of sneakers in various colors, ranging from pretty pastels to neon brights.

Take a look through your closet and see what sneaker color would best complement your current wardrobe so you can get the most out of your sneakers.

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Have you ever worn sneakers with a dress? Do you think this style combination works, or are you more inclined to wear your sneakers to the gym?

Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite ways to style sneakers with a dress.

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