How To Plan a Romantic Picnic Date

Romantic Picnic

What’s more quintessential than a spring picnic? Quite simply, nothing. If you’re looking for the perfect date night activity for you and your love, we’re all about spring and summer picnics. Getting to enjoy the outdoors, while munching on some delicious treats? Sounds like a pretty sweet date night to us!

You ready to plan? Here are our best tips for planning the perfect romantic picnic date:

Make it Spontaneous

Make it SpontaneousImage via Unsplash

One of our favorite ideas for a romantic picnic date comes in the form of a surprise. Yes, you read that correctly: a picnic surprise. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to surprise your man, why not bring him a picnic lunch while at work? Plan it so you’re able to take your lunch break at the same time, and show up with a romantic picnic lunch. It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, but some yummy sandwiches, some simple finger food, and the sight of your face are all he’ll need to turn an average workday into something special.

Don’t let the weather stop you

Don’t let the weather stop youImage via Unsplash

Depending on where you live in the world, and what season you’re in, an outdoor picnic might be out of the question. Rain, snow, or even blistering hot days are all never very ideal for sitting outside, but we say, don’t let that stop you! Why not try an indoor picnic? Gather your favorite traditional picnic foods, like cheese, fruit, and sandwiches, place out a blanket on the floor, and have your own little picnic, indoors! You can add cozy pillows, a blanket, and maybe even light a fire or some romantic candles to liven up the mood. When it comes to a romantic picnic, never let the weather stop you!

Consider The Food

Consider The FoodImage via Unsplash

Of course, when it comes to the perfect picnic, the food is always one of the most important aspects, because really, what’s a picnic without good food? So first things first, always make sure to pack your food well into resealable containers. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to your picnic to find that all your food has spilled. Also, try to pack foods that will stand the test of time, because chances are, by the time you get to your picnic spot, and start eating, your food will have sat out for at least an hour.  And lastly, while food is important, don’t forget to pack some refreshing beverages, especially if you’re having your picnic on a hot summer day. For this, a thermos that keeps your beverage nice and cold is always ideal.

Bonus Tip: If possible, pack your significant other’s favorite food. Maybe there’s a specific dessert from their favorite bakery that they’ve been raving about. Pick one up on the way, and guaranteed they’ll appreciate that effort.

Consider Location

Consider LocationImage via Unsplash

You’ve got the food, but now what? Where should you actually take your picnic? Well, while a park is always one of the first options that come to mind, also consider some of these ideas: an open meadow, a boat, a forest, in your car, on a bench, even your backyard! While you might be scratching your head over the car and backyard idea, trust us, they work. The car can be the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic sunset, and your backyard could be the ideal location to enjoy a romantic midnight picnic once the kids are asleep. While we might get caught up in the traditional idea of a picnic, when you think outside the box, that’s when we tend to create the best memories.

What To Wear

What to WearImage via Lulus

And lastly, how could we talk about a romantic date night without touching on what to wear? Of course, we’re all about the fashion of the event, and when it comes to a picnic, it’s all about keeping your style relaxed and casual. Denim shorts and a tee, a romper, or a maxi dress are all our top recommendations. Denim and a tee are a never fail for casual wear, while a maxi dress is the only dress option we would suggest if you’ll be taking your picnic to the floor, and a romper makes for the perfect compromise between the two. Really, your picnic style can be all your own. Just keep it relaxed, and consider that you might be sitting on the floor, and you’re golden.

While a picnic might not be something that you’ve done since childhood, we think they make for the perfect date night (or day!) treat. It’s casual, comfortable, and really allows you to enjoy the company of your significant other. Really, what’s not to love about a picnic? Give any of these tips a try, and we’ve got a feeling you’ll be well on your way to planning the perfect picnic date in no time.

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