How to Throw a Spring Fling

Spring Fling

With everything in bloom, is it any wonder that you’re itching to celebrate? As the seasons change, often, so do our perspectives and energy levels. Have you ever noticed the fresh perspective you take on as you head into spring? Ever realized you’re suddenly energized to take on new projects, styles, and yes, even parties with the changing season?

Most definitely! So today, in honor of the spring season, we’re going to share our best tips for throwing a spring fling.

You ready for all things bright, cheery, and sunshine filled? Let’s dive into this!

1. Keep your spring fling outdoors

When possible, host your spring fling outdoors. When you’re celebrating these warmer days, it only seems natural that you and your guests get as much Vitamin D as possible. If the weather is a little too chilly to spend the full day outside, offer your guests both an indoor and outdoor option. Set up a little snack table outside with plenty of seats, and your patio door wide open, inviting guests to go outside, if they wish. However, also do the same indoors, so if people are comfortable inside, they have that option as well. When it comes to any sort of party, the comfort of your guests is always the top priority.

2. Set up spring decor

While hosting your party outdoors will definitely bring a springtime feel to the event, we also highly recommend some spring party decor. Stay away from any cheesy, generic party decorations that you might see at a child’s birthday party; and instead, put out some springtime flowers, like succulents and tulips, light some fresh scented candles, and give your house a spring clean for an even bigger dose of springtime flair. It’s really just about keeping everything light and fresh. Do that with your decor, and you’ll perfectly set the mood for your spring fling.

3. Consider food and drinks

With location and decor under control, now it’s time to consider one of the most important aspects of any party: the food! Once again, the trend remains the same: keep everything light and fresh for a springtime vibe. So, for example, citrus drinks are always a welcomed treat, plenty of fruit will always go over well, and light appetizers should be your goal. Stay away from the heavy meats, cheeses, and bread; and instead, opt for lighter options that will have your guests leaving your party feeling light and fresh.

4. Don’t skip the music

With location, decor, and food now all under control, what’s left to consider? Well, we would suggest music! While you might not be into the idea of throwing a giant dance party, as any hostess knows, music can really set the tone for your event. So, with all of that mind, you’ll want to select some spring-appropriate music to further set the springtime tone of your event. For a spring fling, we’d select something light and cheery. Instrumental music that lightly plays in the background always works nicely for keeping the mood up, but not distracting your guests with anything too loud or obnoxious.

5. Your fashion choices matter

Spring Fling Fashion

And, of course, we must mention the importance of fashion. Because yes, as the hostess of the party, what you wear to your own event absolutely matters for setting the tone. Opt for one of our favorite springtime shoe trends, try out some spring-appropriate gingham, and you can never go wrong with a pretty spring dress. Make your guests feel the springy vibe of your event the second you open the door. Dress appropriately, and we have no doubts you’ll have everyone in the mood for spring in no time!

And there you have it: the recipe for the perfect spring fling. If you didn’t pick up on the one common theme that we kept repeating throughout our recommendations, there certainly is one: keep everything light and fresh. From food to decor, springtime is all about freshness, and that includes how you execute your party. Keep that little tip in mind, and we’re confident that you’ll be well on your way to throwing a spring fling that your loved ones are absolutely going to be obsessed with.

Happy spring to all!

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