How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

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Valentine's Day Party

When it comes to holidays like Christmas and Halloween, there’s no shortage of resources out there full of inspiration on how to throw a themed party, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, well, the inspiration out there is a little lacking.

So today, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to give you a little inspiration to throw your own party.

Like we said in our post on unconventional Valentine’s Day dates, you don’t always have to spend the whole day with your significant other. You can always add to that event with other people that you love.

Single or in a relationship, we’ve got all the Valentine’s Day party inspiration headed your way! Let’s chat, ladies.

A Galentine’s Day Party

Galentine's Day
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Typically “Galentine’s Day” tends to be associated with single ladies, but whether you’re single or not, we’ve got a feeling there’s always room in your heart for showing your friends a little love.

Do this by throwing a Galentine’s Day party.

How, you might be wondering?

Well, the extent of the party is really up to you, but we suggest keeping it small and intimate, with only your closest girlfriends.

This is a great opportunity to bond with your best ladies on a day that’s full of love.

To give it some Valentine’s Day flair, indulge on chocolate, make some heart shaped treats, drink some rose, and perhaps watch your favorite romantic comedy. Even just gathering at someone’s home and chatting can be a great way to feel closer to your friends.

Plus hey, if you do have a special someone in your life and they’re not exactly inclined to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this gives you a great opportunity to express your love to other important people in your life.

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Make It A Family Event

Family Event
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Valentine’s Day is all about love, and who more important to show love to than your family?

If you want to get the whole family involved this Valentine’s Day, make it a family event. This is a particularly nice idea if you have children, or if you have any nieces or nephews.

To host a Valentine’s Day family event, simply have your family over for a nice big dinner. You can keep it simple by ordering in and enjoying each other’s company, or you can go all out with Valentine’s Day themed table, heart-shaped everything, and all the sugar once dinner is complete

Really, all you have to do to host a family Valentine’s Day is spend some time with the ones you love. Pretty easy, right?

Have a Dinner Party With Friends

Dinner Party
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As mentioned in our post about unconventional Valentine’s Day dates, we love the idea of multiple couples getting together for Valentine’s Day.

Not only does this allow you to get some social time in with other people it also allows you to show your friends just how much you care about them, while also having your significant other there with you. The best of both worlds, right?

In particular, to keep things nice and easy, we recommend having a dinner party. Of course, you can always host it at home, but if you want to enjoy your night and not worry too much about party clean-up, we suggest making a reservation at one of your favorite restaurants and making a night of it.

You can also go back to someone’s place after for a couple of drinks, but starting things off at a restaurant allows for the night to be enjoyable for everyone.

And hey, if you’re single, you can also do this with your single friends!

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Anti-Valentine's Day

If all things Valentine’s Day is just not your cup of tea, feel free to have the anti-Valentine’s Day party.

With this kind of party, it’s really all about just doing everything the exact opposite of Valentine’s Day, and celebrating being single with your friends.

If you’ve seen the movie Valentine’s Day then you know exactly what we mean by the anti-Valentine’s Day party. And hey, if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s the perfect thing to put on during your Galentine’s Day party.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Party

Ultimate Party
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If you can’t decide who you want to spend your Valentine’s Day with, combine all these ideas into one big party!

Invite your family and friends, whether they’re single or in a relationship.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is simply about expressing and showing love to the people in your life. There doesn’t have to be specific rules about who you spend the day with.

All you have to do is have all the people you love gathered together. Once again, you can go all out with Valentine’s Day party decorations, heart-shaped treats, and all things red and pink. Or, you can keep it simple and just enjoy all the love around.

Choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day in whatever way most speaks to you. Do that, and we’ve got a feeling February 14th will be a great day for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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