How to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year – Greenery

By July 27, 2017Colors, Fashion
Pantone Greenery

We know you’re a trendy lady, and we also know that probably means you’re already well aware of what the Pantone Color of the Year is, but for those of you who don’t know (or perhaps don’t even know what Pantone is), let us give you a quick overview.

Pantone is basically the authority on all things color, as it relates to design, whether that be in terms of fashion design, graphic design, or interior design. Each year, Pantone releases a color report, detailing what the trendiest colors for the season will be. Most notably, though, each year a color of the year is chosen. Do you know what this year’s color is?

If you said green, you’d be mostly correct. When it comes to Pantone, if you’re talking about color, green only brushes the surface. There are various shades of green, so, ore specifically, Pantone’s Color of Year for 2017 is “Greenery,” described as a “tangy yellow green”.

GreeneryImage via Pantone

Pantone always chooses a color that is meant to be symbolic of the current times, whether that be politically, socially, culturally, or globally. Usually the color chosen is a mixture of all these things. It should come as no surprise then that after a rather tumultuous 2016, a calming and serene green shade was decided upon. Greenery also represents embarking on a fresh year, with topics like sustainability and the environment at the forefront of many people’s minds.

GreeneryImage via Pantone

So, now that we know why Greenery was chosen as the color of the year, the more important question becomes, how does one wear Greenery? Typically, green is not a well worn color. Many women find the color doesn’t match well with their skin tone, they don’t know how to incorporate such an unfamiliar share, or they just don’t feel it will work with their current wardrobe.

You’re not alone here, but we have some advice for you.

We suggest incorporating Greenery into your wardrobe in small doses, especially if green is not a color you’re accustomed to or comfortable with.

How does one start small?

Well, remember that just because Greenery is the color of the year, doesn’t mean you have to wear it from head to toe. In fact, you really don’t even need to wear much of it at all in order to show off your amazing style.

Why not try incorporating a green handbag into an outfit? It won’t overwhelm the outfit, but will give you that pop of green that you’re looking for. If that’s too much, have you ever thought of trying green nail polish? What about a great pair of green shoes?

GreeneryImage via Shop Style

Pantone GreeneryImage via Chapter Friday

Pantone GreeneryImage via Knots Villa

Still too much? You’re a tough one to crack, but we still think there is an alternative for you.  Why not try looking for an accessory that just has a component of Greenery, or perhaps something small like a necklace? You could even just look for a sandal with a green buckle or a light scarf with a green print? It’s small, but it’s still something to get some Greenery into your wardrobe.

Pantone GreeneryImage via Jewelry Advice Blog

If Greenery doesn’t scare you, then we suggest going all out with it to really show off your authority as a style icon. Really, how many women do you see sporting green like this? We say, go for it!

Pantone GreeneryImage via Harper’s Bazaar

Pantone GreeneryImage via Sueterazul

Still skeptical? We can’t convince you on Greenery, huh? Okay, if you’re truly certain that Greenery isn’t your color, here are the top 10 colors that will be popular for this Summer season, according to Pantone:

Pantone Swatches

Try Kale for a more toned down alternative to Greenery that still is within that same green family. You’ll love our Millie Slouch Boot, if Kale is more your color.

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