How To Wear The Neon Trend For The Everyday

By September 20, 2019Fashion, Trends
Neon Fashion

Chances are, if you’re a fashion enthusiast like we are, you’ve noticed there’s a new style trend popping up: neon!

Neon shoes, dresses, handbags, and even makeup, the neon trend is taking over in the most stylish way.

Having said that, perhaps you’re a little unsure about this bold trend. It’s not exactly the most subtle color choice, that’s for sure.

And so, if you’d like to add some neon to your wardrobe, while still keeping it cool and casual, today we’re going to give you five ways to style neon in your everyday wardrobe.

1. Opt for a pop

Opt for a Pop
Image via The Styled Press

One of our favorite ways to incorporate these more bold trends is to add them to a neutral canvas.

In other words, keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral and add your neon through a subtle detail.

Perhaps it’s a chic black jumpsuit that you pair with a neon pink clutch?

Or maybe you opt for a pair of neon orange statement earrings with your favorite jeans and a white blouse?

Regardless, when you keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral and then add a simple pop of neon, the outfit goes from standard to right-on-trend.

2. Look for a neon pattern/print

Neon Pattern and Print
Image via Lulus

When you think of neon, you might think of a solid-colored neon, but there are more options.

In particular, we recommend seeking out neon prints, like the tie-dye t-shirt shown above. The whole print doesn’t have to be a bold neon, but just a subtle hint of neon within the print/pattern will do the trick of allowing you to rock this trend, while still keeping your look casual for the everyday.

3. Neon shoes? Yes, please!

Neon Shoes
Image via ASOS

As shoe enthusiasts, we couldn’t possibly make this list without mentioning our love for neon shoes.

Remember, though, if a neon-green shoe is a little too much, you can try out those subtle pops we mentioned earlier.

Maybe it’s a black pump with a neon strap?

Or maybe you find a pair of boots with a neon heel?

Trust us, sometimes these more subtle pops end up making more of an impact than full neon.

4. Neon swimwear

Neon Swimwear
Image via Lulus

While we know cooler temperatures are on the way, neon swimwear is one of our favorite ways to embrace this trend.

While you certainly won’t be able to wear your swimsuit every day, especially for those of you in cooler climates, investing in a neon swimsuit for all your upcoming vacations and beach adventures is a great way to add some neon to your wardrobe.

Not only does bold swimwear tend to be more approachable at the beach neon shades also look great with a tan, helping you both look and feel your best while you’re getting your Vitamin D fix.

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5. Fully embrace neon

Embrace Neon
Image via @ada_oguntodu

And last, but not least, we want to encourage you to fully embrace this trend if you’re loving all things neon.

While going for the more subtle pops is great for every day if your style tends to be more minimal, embracing what you love is what good style is all about!

So go ahead, rock a neon pink dress every day. Go for a neon green boot. Or simply try out a pop of neon. No matter how you choose to style your neon, we know you’re going to look great.

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