Least Favorite Trends of the Season – Spring 2017

Least Favorite Trends

When it comes to fashion and style, we all love talking about the popular, most loved trends. We’re well aware that this spring every fashion-forward lady can’t seem to get enough of off the shoulder tops, ruffles, and the beloved mule slip ons. But how often do we take the time to discuss those not so popular trends? You know, the ones that make us scratch our heads and question the world of fashion. So yes, we could easily tell you which trends are worthy of an investment (if you haven’t picked up a pair of pompom sandals yet, now is the time), but we also know we can give you a little insight into those least favorite trends that we think are just not worth your pay cheque.

Now of course be aware everyone has a varying opinions when it comes to fashion and style. That’s what makes getting dressed in the morning so fun and exciting! So don’t worry, if you’re rocking one of our “least favorite” trends, chances are we might be sporting one of your least favorite trends. What is it that they say? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? So whatever trends you love, you just keep on doing you. Chances are, if you feel confident and love your sense of style, it will shine through, no matter what anyone says.

Least Favorite Trends: Waist Cinchers

Elle Magazine

Image via Elle

How do you feel about the emphasis that the fashion industry has put on the female waist? With designers sending models down the runway with impeccably tiny waists, it’s difficult to not question whether or not the emphasis on a tiny waist is really something we should be promoting, especially with the amount of body confidence problems we have as a society. It’s one thing to wear an empire waist dress or sport a pretty peplum blouse to accentuate your figure, but when a trend’s purpose is specifically to “cinch” the waist and make it look impossibly teeny tiny, it really makes us pause and consider this as one of our least favorite trends of the spring season.

Least Favorite Trends: The Kitten Heel

Chic Street

Image via The Chic Street

Again, we’re sure there are some of you out there loving your new kitten heels, but as self-proclaimed shoe lovers here at Unlikely Pear, it’s hard to get on board with a heel that doesn’t assist in long, lean legs. That’s one of the reasons women love heels, no? With a kitten heel, there’s just something that feels a little awkward about walking in what feels like an amateur heel. When it comes to heels, we’re sticking with the go big or go home mantra.

Least Favorite Trends: Head-To-Toe Florals

Who What to Wear

Image via Who What Wear

When it comes to florals for spring, we’re all for it. Really, when those birds start chirping, who doesn’t love a little floral pattern adorning their favorite sundress? However, when it comes to head-to-toe florals, we’re just not on board. Again, this might be a preference thing, but if we’re going to wear a pair of show-stopping floral heels, for example, we want those babies to be the star of our outfit. Once we go head-to-toe floral, people might be checking out our outfit, but we’re going to guess it has something to do with looking like a walking floral arrangement, rather than looking at our great pair of heels.

Least Favorite Trends: Bra Tops

Style Caster - Bra Tops

Image via Style Caster

Really, how wearable is this trend for real life? It’s likely many of us would simply feel a little too underdressed walking around in a bra, no? Maybe on a beach vacation with your special someone, but while going out for Sunday brunch or headed to a family gathering, we’re thinking a bra top isn’t the best choice. Quite simply, for everyday life, a bra top just doesn’t seem super practical, comfortable, or worth your money for how often you’ll actually wear it. Who’s with us?

Least Favorite Trends: Lace Up

Style Caster - Lace Up

Image via Style Caster

While we’re all for fun lace-up details in some capacity, there’s a couple cases where this trend has just been taken too far. We can only imagine the amount of detangling you’d have to do in the morning when trying to rock this trend full out. You know when your necklaces get all tangled together and you have to detangle them? It’s the worst, right? So why would we want to start doing this with our clothing as well? Think about it this way: getting dressed in the morning can be challenging enough when trying to put together a fashionable outfit, let’s not add that extra complicated aspect.

And there you have it: the five trends this season that we’re just not fully on board with. What are some of your least favorite trends this spring?

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