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An Unlikely Pear

Originally posted on Boston Photography, May, 2018.

Lights, camera, tarmac…yes you read that right! That is where I found myself on a May Day in St. Augustine, FL. I have to admit, I had never been hired to capture portraits on the Tarmac with a plane, so this was a first and I was super excited. As one can imagine, these shoots do not just happen, lots of planning is involved. The Owner of An Unlikely Pear, Becca Cooper, and I met months ago to talk about a great branding portrait session for her business. An Unlikely Pear is a Jacksonville, FL-based women’s shoe boutique and has only been around for about 1.5 years, but is growing like crazy! Becca’s love for shoes started when she was just a little one when she would “travel” to the Shoe Market with her Uncle who had a shoe business and his father who was a pattern maker from New York. Becca was the child that would walk around the Orange Park Mall in the kiddie plastic high heel shoes and always chose shoes and clothes as her “treats” instead of candy and toys. Becca has several great loves as an adult that include shoes, traveling and her bulldog Layla (rescue pup from the Florida English Bulldog Rescue), so we decided to combine all of those to make her business branding session unique to her!

An Unlikely Pear

Becca was able to connect with someone that owned a plane, so that was our first hurdle! We knew the plane would be in St. Augustine and on the tarmac for about 30-40 minutes without passengers, so that was the next hurdle and the rest was history. We loaded up our equipment from our Amelia Island Studio and headed down early to St. Augustine. Becca was already there getting all glammed up by Monica Hayes Makeup, also from the Amelia Island area. When the plane arrived, we had approximately 30 minutes to set up all of the shoes, props, lighting, camera equipment, etc…. and the show was on! We had the absolute best time capturing this session and yes….we hustled and stuck to our 30 minute timeline. I loved our session and think we captured some pretty killer images, especially in the crazy summer heat at 9am!!!!

So now I am sure you all want to order some shoes from this super fun chick right? Well, you can check her out online at Her shoe business is exclusively online, making it super convenient! Becca really prides herself in having super trendy and seasonal shoes at great affordable pricing. You know you want to know why her business name is “An Unlikely Pear”. Well, I was going to tell you but decided it would be better to send you on a hunt. Check out her “Our Story” section [to learn more].

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