5 Reasons Why You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

Never have too many shoes

Okay, so we get it: you love shoes. No surprise there. But have you ever felt guilty about passing the credit card over or hitting the “Place Order” button after an indulgent day of shopping? Maybe you have your significant other’s voice in your head…

You bought another pair of shoes?! How many pairs of shoes can one woman own?

Let’s stop that voice right there. If there’s one thing we’re sure of over here at An Unlikely Pear, it’s that there’s no such thing as having too many shoes. Perhaps if you get to the point when every surface in your home is covered in shoes, you might have a problem, but that’s nothing some good closet organization can’t fix, right?

1) There’s a shoe for every occasion!

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We know you know this, but has the rest of the world been informed? You need to remind your critics, there really is a shoe for every occasion. You’re not about to wear your bright pink pumps to a wedding, and then the next day throw them on for a funeral. And really, are stilettos practical for chasing after your kids at the playground? Probably not. But they make a great addition to any date night outfit. Remind your significant other of that next time you get an earful.

2) And hey, what about color?

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Has everyone forgotten that not every color matches with every outfit? Unless of course, you have an entire collection of shoes in neutrals. Can you hear the snores from here? But hey, If your criticizers are fine with having their one pair of versatile (boring), black pumps, then that’s their choice. Just know, your choice to have pumps in every color of the rainbow is your choice.

3) Trends are constantly changing

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And just like with clothing, trends are constantly changing. What was popular last season has probably now been replaced by something new. Have you noticed for Spring 2017, Instagram feeds everywhere have been flooded with the popularity of mules. So of course, you need to keep up with trends and assert your authority as somebody who knows what’s in fashion. Nothing wrong with that.

4) They’re a form of self-expression!

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Of course nobody can argue with you that shoes are a wonderful form of self-expression. Fashion, in general, is. How you present yourself to the world, with the clothes you put on your body and the shoes you put on your feet, sends a message to those around you. While of course, you can never judge a book by its cover, you can form a first impression based on someone’s style. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be viewed as a trendy, fashionable women. You need your in-style shoes to do that.

5) Do what makes you happy

And hey, if none of those reasons are enough, if shoes make you happy, who is to say there’s something wrong with that? Some people like cars, some like tech gadgets; there are those who spend money on food, and there are those who spend money on travel. You like shoes, and as long as you know your budget, your spending habits are your own. You should be able to get some pleasure from what you spend on, right?

As Christian Louboutin once said, “A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”

And well, we just couldn’t agree more.

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