New Year’s Eve Fashion Tips

By December 28, 2017Fashion, Holiday, Winter
New Year's Eve Fashion

If there’s one yearly event that we all love getting dressed up for, it is most definitely New Year’s Eve. It’s that one night of the year where there’s no such thing as too much sparkle or too much glam. Deck yourself out in sequins and shine, and you’re ready to hit the town. But hey, we know being a walking disco ball isn’t exactly everyone’s taste. Thankfully, no matter what your style preference, we guarantee there’s a New Year’s Eve outfit for you. Today we’re going to review some of our favorite New Year’s outfit combos, with the hopes that something from this list will spark your interest and motivate you to get your party on!

Here some of our favorite New Year’s Eve outfit ideas. Pick the one that best suits your personality, and watch as you light up the room with your confidence:

Make Use of Velvet, Bows, and Embroidery

Velvet & BowsImage via Just The Design

If you’re not someone who wants to deck yourself out with all the sparkles, no worries. There are still plenty of ways to get a holiday-appropriatelook. One of our favorite suggestions is to wear velvet. As one of the most popular fashion trends for 2017, we absolutely love the idea of paying homage to velvet to close out the year. In particular, crushed velvet made a big splash in 2017.  Alternatively, any type of embroidery or embellishment is always welcomed for a New Year’s look: a bow on your dress, heels with jewel embellishments, or even an embroidered clutch will give your New Year’s outfit a punch of personality. However, we do suggest trying to balance out the outfit. This means picking the one statement-making piece you want to highlight, and then keeping all your other fashion accessories more toned down. Trust us, you definitely don’t need sparkle or sequins to make a statement on New Year’s Eve.

Metallics Make A Trendy Alternative To Standard Sequins

MetallicsImage via The Everygirl

Maybe you’re hoping to pull off a holiday festive look, but you want to avoid the standard sequins. Why not try metallics? With metallics, you still get the high impact shine, without the typical sequins and sparkle. We highly recommend trying out a metallic shoe in gold or silver: strappy heels, a peep toe pump, or even sexy stilettos. They’re the perfect compliment to your New Year’s Eve outfit, but they’re a shoe that you’ll undoubtedly be able to wear again in the future. Double bonus!

Trendy Pants and Strappy Heels

Trendy PantsImage via PopSugar

Often, when we talk about New Year’s outfits, we hear discussions surrounding party dresses. But hey, guess what? Nobody is saying you have to wear a dress just because it’s New Year’s Eve. Instead, why not try a pair of super trendy pants? Tuxedo pants, strappy heels, and a slinky top? Seriously, you’ve never looked better. You can opt to wear a suit jacket or blazer to really get the structured look, but if you’re looking for something that gives off both a masculine and feminine vibe, you’ll probably love a silk blouse with your a sleek pair of tuxedo pants. Never underestimate the power of a great pair of pants on New Year’s Eve.

Try Statement Accessories

Statement AccessoriesImage via Lulu’s

We love the idea of wearing trendy accessories on New Year’s, not only because it’s an ultra chic look, but also because it’s super versatile. If you invest in a high-quality dress that you know you’ll be able to wear for other events, you can simply change up your accessories and get an entirely new outfit. A bright pair of red heels and bold statement earrings will work perfectly for New Year’s, but then more subtle accessory options are ideal for an upcoming spring wedding. Two looks with one dress? Perfect.

Go All Out for New Year’s

Going All OutImage via Who What Wear

And of course, we can’t talk about a New Year’s look without suggesting that you go all out: sparkles, sequins, metallics, bold makeup, the whole deal! We’re all for it! If you really want to make an impact on New Year’s, pick up as many statement-making pieces as you can. Because really, when it comes to fashion on New Year’s, there’s no such thing as doing too much. In the above image, we’ve got a metallic skirt, metallic shoes, and even a statement-making shirt. And yet, it all comes together perfectly. Our only suggestion? If you do want to go all out, we recommend you ensure you have the confidence to really pull it off. There’s definitely some chance that certain pieces may clash. It takes a keen fashion eye to pair multiple statement-making fashion pieces together. If you’re unsure, stick with one key statement-making piece, and you’ll be golden for your night on the town.

Alrighty, ladies, are you ready to pop the bottles of champagne and ring in the New Year? The countdown is on, and we hope you’ve got the New Year’s Eve outfit of your dreams. Happy New Year to all!

Shine bright like a diamond as we head into 2018!

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