5 Ways To Rock a One-Piece Swimsuit This Summer

By June 12, 2018Summer, Trends
One-Piece Swimsuits

Swimwear can be a tricky topic. For some, nothing screams fun in the sun more than sitting by the pool in their favorite bikini. While for others, the idea of shopping for swimwear is completely distressing.

If you fall into this second camp of ladies, and you don’t enjoy swimwear shopping, we’ve got some good news for you. This summer, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in swimwear is the preference for one-piece swimsuits.

Yes, you read that correctly: no longer is the teeny tiny bikini your only option for trendy swimwear. In fact, these days, a one-piece swimsuit is actually one of your best bets for looking totally poolside appropriate.

If you’re someone who prefers one-piece swimsuits, or if it’s just a trend that you’ve been hoping to try, here are five ways you can rock a one-piece swimsuit this summer:

1. Try Out A Simple, Black One-Piece

Simple Black One-pieceImage via Lulus

If you’re headed on that summer weekend getaway, or you have a road trip planned, you’re likely going to need your swimsuit. And what is more classic and stylish than a basic, black swimsuit? Not much!

We love the idea of packing a black one-piece swimsuit while going on vacation, not only because it’s chic and stylish, but also because it’s super versatile.

You could wear bright bold sunnies, or a colorful sarong in order to dress up the piece, and each time, you’ll give the look a pop of something different. You don’t have to worry about matching since black is a neutral that matches with everything, and it’s just such a staple.

When in doubt, black never fails.

2. Experiment with Bold Patterns

Bold PatternsImage via Lulus

Oh, how we love a good pattern. And swimwear is no exception.

If you’re looking for a fun way to add a dash of flavor to your one-piece swimsuit, we highly recommend seeking out a playful, bold pattern.

In particular, for Summer 2018, we’re finding that polka dots, tropical florals, and gingham prints seem to be a big hit.

So, whether you want a one-piece swimsuit that is ultra sexy, or you’re more so looking for something to wear on a family vacation, adding a pop of pattern into your swimwear is a great option for putting your own personal style spin into your swimsuit.

Be true to your style preferences, and we have no doubts that pattern will be looking great on you.

3. Strappy and Sexy Styles For The Win

Strappy and SexyImage via Lulus

Having said that, maybe you are on the hunt for a sexy swimsuit.

Well, you’re in luck!

While an itsy bitsy bikini might be the more standard sexy swimsuit option, a one-piece can be equally as sexy, and in some cases, even sexier.

You can add that dash of heat to your one-piece swimsuit by looking for something with a high thigh cut, a plunging neckline, or even just strappy details will give the swimsuit a more sexy edge.

Trust us, don’t discount a one-piece swimsuit as matronly. A one-piece swimsuit could just be the sexy summer piece you’ve been seeking.

4. Sporty Is Always An Option

Sporty One-PieceImage via Lulus

If you land on the opposite end of the spectrum, and a sexy one-piece isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t despair. They still make plenty of options for those of you who want something more on the athletic side.

However, these days your options tend to be much more stylish. Gone are the days of your basic Nike one-piece. You can now pick up one-piece swimsuits from some of the most stylish brands, while still being able to wear your suit while swimming laps in the pool.

A swimsuit that is both super trendy, but also super wearable for the everyday? We’re all for it!

5. Geometric Cutouts and Embellishment Are Game Changers

 Geometric Cutouts

Image via Lulus

And of course, if you really want to find a one-piece swimsuit that has heads turning, we highly recommend seeking out playful embellishment.

This can include geometric cutouts, fringe, pom-poms, crochet, sequins, beading, and even pearl detailing are interesting embellishment options that you can find on one-piece swimsuits.

While these styles might be a bit more out there than your basic black, they’re the styles that are going to have people asking about where you got your trendy suit.

And hey, combine these embellishments with some of the sexy detailing we were talking about earlier, and you’ll be the star of the show, wherever you go. Just you wait and see.

When it comes to rocking a swimsuit, feeling good about yourself is always the real key to looking good. Seek out swimwear that you feel like a million bucks in, and never compromise on how the swimsuit makes you feel.

Trends come and go, but a swimsuit that you really love can last for years.

Pick out a one-piece swimwear trend from above that speaks to you, and who knows, you might just discover your new favorite summer staple.

images courtesy of Popsugar

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