Our 2019 Bucket List

2019 Bucket List

Raise your hand if you’re completely shocked by how quickly 2018 went by? Yup, we’re right there with you! This past year was a whirlwind, and that’s why we’re committed to making the most of the new year by planning ahead, setting goals, and uncovering exactly what we want to accomplish for the new year.

If you’re in the same boat and you want to make the most of the new year, we have some tips to help you plan out 2019.

Who’s ready for an amazing year? Let’s dive into this!

Get clear on what matters most to you

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It would be impossible for us to make a bucket list that would apply to everyone. We all have unique goals, ambitions, and interests, which is why we want everyone to get very clear about what matters to them.

Stop thinking about everyone else’s opinions, or worrying about how other people perceive you. Instead, really decide what you want to focus on this year.

Do you want to travel more?

Have you been hoping to start your own business?

Perhaps you want to have more leisure time so you can spend time with the people you love?

Whatever you feel in your gut that you need to focus on, focus on it in 2019. The time is now! Write it all down, carefully consider it, and don’t forget to make an action plan that will actually allow you to reach those bucket list items.

Create an action plan

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Speaking of action plans, let’s talk a little bit more about that…

Because sure, you can decide what matters to you, but if you don’t figure out how you can actually bring those things into your life, then your goals are just empty promises to yourself.

To make an action plan, break down your major goals into mini steps, and set deadlines for yourself. Be realistic, and don’t push too hard January 1st. If you go all in right away, chances are, by the time March rolls around, you’ll have already burnt out on your goals.

For example, if you want to focus on your health and fitness in the new year, make small goals for yourself that you’re able to stick to. Perhaps in January set a goal for yourself that every day you’ll go for a twenty-minute walk in your neighborhood. Once you manage that, in February, try increasing your distance and maybe start incorporating a nutrient-packed smoothie into your breakfast.

The key here is to focus on an overarching goal, and then break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Do that, and you’re much more likely to reach those big goals.

Pay attention to the things you’ve been putting off

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When you start making goals, there’s a good chance you’re focusing on things that will have a high reward if you reach them. For example, if you travel more, you’ll get to have amazing experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. If you lose weight, you’ll feel better and have more energy. If you save money, you’ll be less stressed and have more resources for things that matter to you.

These are all great goals to focus on for the new year. Having said all that, though, it’s also extremely important that you focus on the things that you’ve been avoiding. For example, perhaps you have a closet that is full of junk, and that you’ve been avoiding cleaning? Maybe your email inbox is overflowing with mail? Or hey, it could be as simple as reconnecting with someone who you’ve lost touch with.

If you want to start your 2019 year off on the right foot, address these things that you’ve been avoiding. When you do, a sense of relief will wash over you, and you’ll set yourself up much better to tackle this new year with the right mind frame.

Check in with yourself

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And last but not least, as the new year starts, take serious time to check in with yourself. It’s easy to set goals that are obvious to you, and it’s a breeze to identify those things that you’ve been avoiding.

However, at the root of all that, it’s extremely important to understand your own motivations and feelings towards your goals.

Why have you been avoiding cleaning your closet?

Why didn’t you travel more in 2018?

Take the time to get comfortable with yourself. Write about your feelings in a journal. Read some self-help books that might open up new ideas for you. Get comfortable with the emotions, motivations, and feelings surrounding your goals.

When you take the time to do this, you’ll likely be much better equipped to actually tackle all those items on your 2019 bucket list.

Tell us: Will you be setting 2019 goals? Do you feel confident that you’ll be able to tackle them in the new year? Use some of the tips from above, and we’re certain that you’ll find all your goals much more attainable.

Happy new year, all!

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