Colors and prints of the season and how to pair with the correct shoes

Correct Shoes

With the weather getting warmer, spring and summer are on the minds of many: days by the pool, lemonade, and all the sunshine you can soak up. So what does this mean for your wardrobe? Well, of course, it means more sundresses and shorts, but it also means color palettes are changing and more seasonally appropriate prints are starting to pop up. This change in season often means a revamp in the wardrobe. So today, in order to make the transition smoother for you, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on all the latest color and pattern trends in fashion. Bonus: we’ll show you how to pair them with the correct shoes.

So let’s start off with the basic question: what are the biggest color trends in fashion for Spring/Summer 2017? Here’s the top three we think you’ll be seeing a lot of:

1. Shocking Pink

VogueImage via Vogue Paris

It’s difficult to even narrow down pink into one particular shade because it’s such a popular color choice. One thing’s for sure: whether it’s a raspberry, blush, or bubblegum pink, it’s all about the bright hues.

So, depending on how vibrant your outfit is will determine how you pair your shoes. If your entire outfit is pink like the runway looks above, we suggest toning it down by either embracing the monochromatic look (i.e. doing a pink shoe), picking up on a shade of pink (i.e. doing a shoe that has an element of pink in it), or doing a completely nude shoe. If you’re more adventurous, though, you can definitely pair a bright color with your pink, like blue or even yellow. However, if you’re not confident with your choice, though, stick to a great nude.

Pink ShoesLeft to right: Atlantic Pacific, Styleoholic, Stylish Wife

2. White

WhiteImage via

Okay, so this isn’t a trend, necessarily. White is always a color you’ll see in the spring and summer, no matter what year it is. It’s fresh, crisp, and it just screams warmer days. That’s why we’re including it, though, because likely you’re going to be wearing a lot of white. We love white because it’s the perfect time to try out some more adventurous shoes. Have you been wanting to try out the pom-pom shoe trend? A white top with denim shorts is perfect for this! Or maybe you’re into tassels, why not pair the tassels with a white sundress? Any shoe you’ve had your eye on, but you haven’t been sure how to match it with your outfits, this is when white clothing pieces come in handy.

3. Yellow

YellowImage via

Our advice for pairing your yellow spring and summer outfits is similar to our advice for pairing with pink. You basically have four options: go with a neutral shoe, go monochromatic, pick up on a hint of yellow, or be adventurous by pairing yellow with a bold choice. You’ll see examples of how this can be done below.

Yellow, tooLeft to right: Glam Radar, Style Pantry, Pinterest

How to Wear Prints with Your Shoes

When it comes to wearing prints, in most circumstances, we recommend pairing the look with a neutral shoe. For most, when wearing a print, you’re not going to want to add too much attention to your feet. The goal is to balance out the amount of “wow factor” you have going on. So, if you’re wearing a lot of print up top, keep your shoes neutral. If you’re feeling plain up top, that’s when you can add the wow factor on your feet with a brightly colored or highly embellished shoe. Having said that, we all know our own personal style best. If you’re someone who’s known for her wild sense of style, go all out everywhere. If you tend to keep your style on the more minimal side of things, you’re likely going to want to keep everything fairly neutral. These are just our recommendations for how to pair your shoes with some of the top print trends for Spring/Summer 2017.

Top Prints for Spring/Summer 2017

1. Stripes

StripesImage via

No, we’re not just talking about your basic blue and white nautical stripes. Stripes are coming in all different shapes, colors, and sizes this spring and summer. So what does this mean for your shoes? You’ll notice in the above image, all the outfits have been paired with a neutral shoe. Let your style dictate which color you go with. If you’re undecided, we recommend a bright, white, strappy sandal to pair with your stripes, as seen in the last look on the right from Valentino. White is perfect for summer. It pairs great with a tan, and of course, it won’t clash with your stripes, no matter what color they’re in.

2. Florals

FloralsImage via Vogue Paris

It probably comes as no shock that floral prints are a big trend for Spring/Summer 2017. However, one different thing you may notice about the floral prints this upcoming spring and summer is the 70s vibe. Take a look at the above images. Even the color palates that the prints are done in are extremely reminiscent of 70s culture. So, in order to keep with this vintage flair, we recommend going with a brown or tanned shade sandal for your florals. If sandals aren’t your thing, perhaps an espadrille? Short ankle boots also tend to go very well with a vintage looking floral dress. And of course, we highly encourage a wedge heel with these vintage floral prints. The images below should give you an idea of what we mean:

Florals, tooImage via Pinterest

3. Patchwork

PatchworkImage via

When it comes to prints, florals and stripes are relatively standard. Patchwork, however, is not, and it’s something you’re likely going to see happening a lot this spring and summer. If this is a trend that you’d like to try, we have two options for you:

  • Stick with our original recommendation of a neutral colored shoe with very little embellishment. Whether that’s a wedge, pump, ballet flat, basic sandal, you can’t go wrong with a neutral shoe when pairing with patchwork.
  • However, if you’d like to amp your style game up a little and try something different, we suggest picking one consistent color used throughout the patchwork, and working it into your shoe. So, for example, on the middle image above, you’ll notice this Marc Jacobs print has a deep raspberry color throughout. See how the shoe ties in with that by being the same shade? It’s a way that allows you to play with color, but it keeps the outfit from getting too wild or crazy.

And there you have it: three colors and three prints we think will be big for the upcoming season, and how we suggest pairing them with your shoes. How do you pair your spring and summer shoes with your looks? Do you have a trend that you’re particularly excited to try out?

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