How To Pick Your Holiday Footwear

By December 8, 2017Holidays, Winter
Holiday Footwear

When we think of planning our holiday outfits, most of us quickly jump to daydreaming about all the swoon-worthy party dresses we’ll be wearing throughout the season: tulle skirts, sparkles galore, and all the embellishment we can get our hands on. But, as any fashionable women know, your holiday party dress really isn’t anything special without some fabulous footwear to go with it. At An Unlikely Pear you know how much we value good footwear, which is why today we wanted to chat about all things holiday footwear. Whether you’re looking for footwear that makes a statement on its own, or coordinates perfectly with your entire outfit, we’ve got all the holiday footwear inspiration that will keep you being the most fashionable women in the room at all times.

So, to break it down, when planning for your holiday footwear, there are likely three scenarios you’ll find yourself in:

  1. You want your holiday footwear to remain subtle so you can highlight your holiday dress
  2. You want your holiday footwear to make a fashion statement on its own
  3. You want your holiday footwear to coordinate with your holiday outfit

Really, the actual footwear styles you choose will entirely depend on your own personal style, so rather than provide you with shoe styles that might not align with your preferences, we’re going to chat generally within these three categories.

To begin planning your holiday outfit, you first must find the actual clothing pieces you’ll be wearing. Unless you already have a great pair of shoes in mind, generally you always start with the clothing pieces and then pick the shoe that will coordinate with the outfit. From there, observe your footwear and decide which category you best fit into. Is your dress statement-making, more simple, or does it fall somewhere in between? Let’s examine all three scenarios.

Holiday Footwear For Statement-Making Dresses

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You found the perfect dress, and now you’re looking for the perfect holiday shoe to go with it. The only problem? Your dress is so extravagant, you’re having a difficult time picking a shoe that doesn’t make you look like a walking disco ball. Our word of advice? Lay off the sparkles and embellishment, and instead go with a more subtle shoe option. Because it is the holiday season, your inclination might be to find a bold pair of shoes that just scream Christmas, but when you have on a statement-making dress, you really don’t need bold holiday footwear.

We suggest going with a neutral colored shoe. You can never go wrong with a black or nude pump. If you find those options are just too plain for you, look for subtle detailing that gives the shoe an extra something special, but still keeps it toned down: scalloped edges, a small bow, or a cute ankle strap will all give the shoe that extra something special. The key is to tone down your holiday footwear so that your holiday dress can stand out.

Holiday Footwear That Stands Out On Its Own

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But hey, maybe you’re on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Maybe your holiday party dress is more subtle. Perhaps you’re into the classic little black dress, which you really can’t go wrong with at a Christmas party. However, to add some holiday embellishment, why not ramp up your footwear game? Our suggestions? A bright red pump is always a classic; you can never go wrong with a fully sequined heel for the holidays, and we absolutely love the idea of embroidery and beading for holiday footwear. You can of course always choose to keep it neutral throughout, but if you’re looking to give off a holiday feeling with your outfit, you’ll likely be more than happy to embrace embellished footwear.

Holiday Footwear That Coordinates

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And maybe you’re somewhere in between. You dress isn’t an all-out holiday dress, but it’s also not necessarily simplistic. What are you to do when you land yourself in this position? Well, in our opinion, you’ve actually put yourself in the best spot possible. You have total freedom on how you’d like to wear your holiday footwear. You can choose to make a statement by getting yourself some bold holiday footwear, or you can choose to make the statement somewhere else, like with your jewelry or makeup. If you’re not drawn to either of those ideas, you can simply coordinate. Maybe find a shoe that has some subtle glitter instead of all over glitter? Or perhaps find a heel that has a small cluster of crystal beading? Your holiday footwear doesn’t have to be bold or subtle; it can certainly fall somewhere in between, and perfectly coordinate with your holiday dress.

Other things to keep in mind when picking out your holiday footwear, regardless of what category you fall into:

  • You’ll likely be on your feet for multiple hours at a holiday party, so make sure to always take comfort into account when choosing your holiday footwear.
  • You want to be in a good mood at a holiday party, and often how you feel about your look can affect your mood. Stay true to your personal style, and you’ll likely have a much more enjoyable experience.
  • You don’t want to buy a pair of shoes and only be able to wear them to one party. Invest in a great pair of shoes that you’ll be able to wear to future holiday parties. If you’re having a difficult time finding a quality holiday shoe, remember to check out our shop for the best in footwear options.

In the end, when choosing your holiday footwear, it all boils down to two things: personal style and balance. If you’re drawing a lot of attention to your accessories or dress, then tone down the shoe. If you’ve kept everything relatively simple, ramp up your style game with some statement-making footwear. But hey, perhaps you enjoy making a statement and want to wear both statement-making footwear and a dress. We say do what makes you feel best! As we’ve mentioned, when you remain true to yourself and your style, that’s when you’ll not only look your best, but you’ll also feel your best. Guaranteed.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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