Pro vs. College Football – What to Wear?

Pro vs. College Football

Who would have ever thought you’d see fashion and football mixing?

Well, today is the day, because we’re going to be chatting about our best tips for your game day style.

Whether your alma mater is playing, you have a favorite professional team, or hey, maybe you’re just tagging along for the social aspect, we know you want to look and feel your best for game day, right?

Of course!

And so, next game day, use these tips for your best football look yet:

Get The Merch

Game Day GearImage via Shop Florida Gators

Whether it’s a college football game or a professional football game, you absolutely can’t go wrong sporting some of your team’s merchandise.

You can go all out with a jersey, or simply throw a cute baseball cap on your head if you want something easier. Either way, we’re all for scooping up some branded merchandise and giving it your own fashionable spin.

In particular, as someone who loves fashion, we say show off your good taste in both football and fashion. In other words, don’t shy away from your accessories. Just because you’re attending a football game doesn’t mean your whole look has to be completely sporty.

Throw on a fun statement necklace with your jersey. Put on some bright red lipstick if your team has some red in their uniform. Even feel free to wear a branded logo t-shirt with a fun, flirty skirt for a dash of playful flavor in your outfit.

Add The Athleisure Vibe

Athleisure VibeImage via Elle

Having said that, just because your look doesn’t have to be sporty, doesn’t mean you can’t add the athleisure in.

In fact, if athleisure is something you normally gravitate towards in your style, stick with it when dressing for a football game.

For example, throw on those sporty sneakers for something playful, rock the standard jeans and tee look for a classic vibe and definitely don’t be afraid to throw a sporty bomber jacket over your tee for some serious athleisure.

At a football game, whether college or pro, athleisure is never a bad idea.

Go For a Preppy Look At a College Game

Preppy LookImage via Gracefullee Made

If you have a college game day on the horizon, we highly recommend adding some preppy flavor to your outfit.

It is college football, after all.

Perhaps layer a collared top underneath your favorite football sweatshirt, or maybe wear your hair in a top knot with your favorite glasses.

Basically, with college football, it’s time to bust out that preppy, All American look.

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Keep It Casual For Professional Football

Casual StyleImage via Elle

When attending a professional football game, we always recommend keeping your look casual. Heels and/or dresses are never a great idea. You’re going to be climbing up and down stadium stairs, and any outfit too over-the-top is just not worth it.

Not to mention, if you get too fancy with your look, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. People are there to watch the game, so don’t try too hard to be the star of the show.

Even if you’re just heading to a friend’s house, dress comfortably and casually. It is Sunday, after all.

Seek Out Unique Football Tops

Unique TopsImage via LexiColeDesigns

While you may not want to stick out for any over-the-top fashion choices, it’s never a bad idea to shop for unique football shirts.

In particular, be sure to check out Etsy and other handmade shops. Even a simple Google search could bring you some options for unique game day outfits that will allow you to stand out in the right way.

Trust us, you don’t have to limit yourself to branded merchandise from your team’s shop. With something unique that is either handmade or simply outside the typical merchandise, we’ve got a feeling you’ll quickly become the go-to authority on football fashion.

Are you ready for game day?

It’s time to throw on that great denim, pair it with a fun tee, a trendy jacket, a stylish baseball hat, your favorite sneakers, and voila, whether it’s a professional football game or college, you’re all set!

Let the games begin.

image courtesy of ChopChat

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